August 20th, 2012

Yogi Of The Week: Richa

Meet Richa.

Richa started practicing yoga because when you're 3 years old, you do what your Nana says. And Nana told 3-year old Richa to practice right next to her, in padmasana, on the traditional cow-dung floor in their Indian home. Yoga started as a practice of not only discipline, but of love and trust.

When Richa got older, she moved to the West, and rebelled against everything associated with Indian culture. But we can't ignore our roots forever, and they always have an odd way of growing back. She came to re-embrace her culture and religion, which in turn came to inform her calling in life. When she came back to yoga, she felt like she came back home.

Yoga has taught Richa to be fearless, or at least brave, and has inspired her to look over the edge. Her rediscovered practice has helped her branch way outside her comfort zone, trying new things like kite boarding and rip skating (photo evidence below!). She feels happy and alive — and people call her that all the time. And Richa knows that the best is yet to come.

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Practice On.


Yogi of the Week: Richa

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