August 6th, 2012

Yogi Of The Week: Lara

This is Lara.

When she taught yoga in Rwanda for the first time, the class moved their sewing machines aside and rolled out their mats onto a dusty workroom floor. Lara had been practicing a few phrases in the local language, but the moment she opened her mouth, her students started laughing hysterically. Lara's poor pronunciation set the stage for 3 amazing months of what she called 'Laughing Yoga.'

For Lara, yoga is a means to provide support and encouragement to others. She is able to adapt her yoga teachings to any situation — from Manhattan to Mysore. Everyone is beautiful, everyone is unique, everyone is both a student and a teacher. And for Lara, every yoga practice is an opportunity to rewire ourselves and see our choices as a bigger picture of causes and effects. This perspective has empowered her to stand up against human trafficking in India.

Lara says that we all carry our life experience in our bodies and the opportunity to watch those experiences being released through yoga is very powerful. "It never stops amazing me how breath can open a heart and heal a soul."

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Practice On.


Yogi of the Week: Lara

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