May 4th, 2012

Widening Our Perspective

You may remember a few months ago when we unveiled our new partnership with John Friend and our first ever collection of wider Manduka yoga mats. A lot has happened since then (phew!), and we have decided to move away from the partnership. We respect John for his tremendous contributions to the yoga community, but we don't feel that his recent actions align with who we want to be in the world, or our brand values. Still, we stand behind our product and the reasons we built it. We believe that a wider yoga mat is the key to help many of our customers unlock a hidden piece of their practice. So we're offering our own version of the 30" PROlite mat so you can have the option of gear with more room to roam. And based on your feedback, you agree.

Our intention is to serve you in your yoga journey, and be there wherever you need the support. So whether your physical body needs more physical space, or you just like to wander, look out for our 30" PROlite wide yoga mat and upcoming additions to the Manduka Wide Collection.

With warmth and gratitude,

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