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eKO SuperLite™ Travel Mat

eKO SuperLite™ Travel Mat

  • Overview

    The eKO SuperLite Mat is a superior travel yoga mat that provides excellent grip. Wherever your practice takes you, the eKO SuperLite is the best yoga mat for yogis on the go!

  • Features

    • 2.2 lbs*; 68”x 24"; 1.5 mm thick
    • Exceptional for traveling – folds to fit in any travel bag or purse.
    • Surface texture offers superior grip, even with light perspiration.
    • Tightly woven scrim resists tearing or stretching.
    • Closed cell design will not absorb bacteria.
    • Made from non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber.
    • No PVC, toxic plasticizers or harmful dyes.
    • 99% latex free, and safe to use for most people with latex sensitivities.

    *Every product is unique, and naturally, there may be variances of up to 0.5 lbs. in the weight of each mat.

    For further details, please feel free to visit our FAQ page.

  • Use & Care

    To Clean: All eKO series mats can be cleaned by wiping down the mat with Manduka’s Mat Restore Spray (a vinegar based solution) or a 50/50 mixture of water and organic apple cider vinegar. It is recommended that you DO NOT put your eKO mat in the washing machine, as it will encourage the material to break down. DO NOT soak or submerge in water and DO NOT use any type of soap for cleaning, as it will compromise the performance and integrity of the mat.

    To Store: When not traveling, the eKo Superlite is best stored rolled up. Do not leave the mat exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight. If wet, allow the mat to dry before rolling up.

    Through Manduka's manufacturing process, eKO Series mats are 99% latex free, and safe to use for people with latex sensitivities. However, if you know you are sensitive to even traces of latex then we recommend you purchase from our PRO Series yoga mats.

  • Sustainability

    The eKO SuperLite Mat is a natural yoga mat made from sustainably harvested tree rubber. Unlike other rubber mats available today, the foaming agents used to create the eKO SuperLite are non-toxic. What this means is that no toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process to soften the rubber. Additionally, instead of using synthetic polyester for reinforcement, we have chosen to use a blend of polyester and natural cotton.

eKO SuperLite™ Travel Mat

The eKO SuperLite provides superior grip on carpet or hard surfaces. Only 1.5 mm thick, it folds to fit easily in your bag, suitcase or purse! These eco-friendly yoga mats are made of a natural, biodegradable material. The eKO SuperLite will leave no footprint in landfills, and is the ideal yoga travel mat for people who want to make a commitment to our planet and take their yoga practice on the road. These eco-friendly yoga mats are made of biodegradable rubber that won't fade or flake.



    At Home Wherever I Go

    I love this travel mat. I tend to wear out most yoga mats because of the way I lower into hanumanasana with no hands, with a lot of pressure on the heel and ball of foot. But this mat has shown uncommon durability over the last 5 years. It folds into a suitcase with no creasing. It also has great grippiness. This simple item has allowed me to feel at home wherever I go.

    I love this little mat!

    I love this little mat! I've taken it to work with me a few times for some end of the day Power Vinyasa and just recently came back from vacation where I used it in my hotel room for a week.

    Very sticky! Love the traction.
    Lies perfectly flat on hardwood floors and doesn't move.
    Folds up small enough to fit in the front pocket of your suitcase or easily into a backpack.
    The perfect amount of cushion on carpet.

    Very thin, but it is a travel mat
    Will wrinkle on carpet IF you drag your feet through poses. Easy solution is to just make sure you lift your body parts :)
    It smells like rubber (which isn't a con to me, but to some people it's a deal breaker)

    Overall impression... I'm highly impressed. Trying to think of a way to justify buying one in another color.

    Grip is Unbelievable

    Can I just say that I love love love this mat?! It has changed my feelings about travel mats completely. There are even days that it competes with my PROlite. No, you will not get the cushion of a PRO mat, but the grip is unbelievable. I love how I can feel the floor through this mat, but somehow still find comfort. It may not be ideal for postures requiring pressure between ones knee ant the floor (e.g. dragon) but there are so many other poses it is amazing for (e.g. sun salutations are a dream - no slipping!). I love this mat! I used to hate travel mats with their sliding around, bad grip, and great discomfort. I have bad knees, so I do avoid certain poses when using this mat, but I cannot believe how comfortable I am on it. I want one in every color! It is a beautiful thing and has changed my practice! <3 Thank you, Manduka!


    I bought this mat for use at home and travel on carpeted floors as using my other thick mat made the surface below me too soft. I absolutely love how grippy the top is, I loved that I can get into deep postures without any risk of slipping. I was so impressed with this mat that I purchased the new eKO Mat to replace my two year old "The Mat"

    Surprisingly sticky and knee-friendly.

    I practice the traditional Ashtanga series in the Mysore style and got really tired of lugging my larger mat back and forth from my regular studio everyday so that I could attend other practices elsewhere. So, I decided to leave my big mat at the studio and purchase the easy-to-lug eKO SuperLite for all of my other yoga needs. It's been a great purchase so far. I was a little concerned that it was going to slip and slide all over the place as I moved, or that my knees where going to hate being in such close company with the ground, but I've found that the SuperLite is both surprisingly sticky and knee-friendly. I've used it for both outdoor and indoor practice and it's held up really well. I guess if I HAD to complain about something, it would be that even though I've had the SuperLite for several months and have cleaned it after use it still smells pretty rubbery.