Insta Worthy FEMALE OWNED Yoga Studios

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Insta Worthy FEMALE OWNED Yoga Studios

Check out these gorgeous insta worthy yoga studio spaces! They're almost as beautiful as their female owners.

Humming Puppy

Sydney, Australia


We always choose spaces that have history and character, spaces where we can enhance the older features and compliment them with new and interesting design elements. The wall is angled and covered in a 3M dichroic film that changes with light depending on which angle you look at it from. I feel it is reflective of the vibrant city of Sydney and creates a stunning backdrop to our reception desk and colourful yet subtle view to the lounge from our office behind. - Co-Founder, Jackie Alexander

Body Electric

St. Petersburg, Florida


We wanted to create a space that was both inspirational and comfortable. Our vibe is come-as-you-are, so everyone feels welcome and like this is a place to literally kick of your shoes, hang out, read, sweat, grow. We wanted it to feel more like a home than a business. But that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. Our motto is "keep yoga weird," which means not scrubbing out yoga's history and philosophy in order to make it more palatable, but by the same token, we aren't traditionalists -- we believe this practice stays relevant by adapting to the times and to the people using it. So we are not into dogma, gurus, and the like, but open to new stuff, including incorporating new knowledge and lessons from other movement modalities. The look of the studio is all Katelyn. She envisions a sacred and inclusive place, that doesn't intimidate you but draws you in and lifts you up. Airy and grounding, too, so you can clear your mind and get to work. – Co-owner Jenny Miller

Love Yoga

Venice, California


Design is a super important aspect of Love Yoga. We wanted our students to feel transported the second they entered our space. Our signature floor, airy and light filled spaces and plant filled interiors are designed to instantly shift the nervous system and mark a clear transition from the time and space to the rest of your day. - Co-Owner, Kyle Miller

Prancing Peacock Studio

Langhorne, Pennsylvania


I wanted to create a space that would surround students with beauty in a way that made them feel special, loved, and supported during their practice. Clean lines and bright windows, jewel tone velvet accents, and peaceful lighting create a luxurious and nurturing environment that allows outside stress, distraction, and obligation to melt away. Langhorne is a modern blend of crisp white walls and classic french doors with whimsical touches like a blue sky ceiling and bright Persian rugs. Each practice room can be modified to provide a specific experience, whether the lights and music are up high in an energizing vinyasa class, or the fireplace provides a soft, meditative glow during restorative sequences.

The Prancing Peacock studios reflect the inner peace that yoga provides, with a whimsical touch of luxury and good humor. - Owner, Liz Conner

Good Vibes Yoga


@good_ vibes_ yoga

Good Vibes is all about keeping the vibes good and the yoga authentic. We believe yoga is for everybody and that’s why our studios and staff are laid-back, open, friendly and positive. The monumental space in Collingwood features a glass and concrete atrium, a granite boulder zen garden and two purpose built yoga studios. Our Northcote studio was where it all started. Designed in 2015, the humble space was inspired by Scandinavian design and has sustainability at its heart. - Founder, Kirra Jamison



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