Exploring Emerald with Anne

Exploring Emerald with Anne

Are you as drawn to the gorgeous green of an Emerald stone as I am? This beauty who aligns her color with that of nature's beautiful trees and plants helps to aid our spirit to heal and grow!  It helps us to surrender old visions of what “should be” and instead embrace the full potential of what “can be.”  The lush green hue of Emerald signifies the vitality of nature and the cycles of life. As a symbol of renewal and growth, Emeralds are believed to bring new beginnings, enlightenment, and inspiration to those who wear and are connected to them.  They are believed to soothe the heart, alleviate stress, and restore balance to the mind.

I was recently invited to Joshua Tree with Manduka to help promote the new UnEarthed collection. It was so fun to connect with old friends, and to build friendships with new ones! I was honored. The beauty of the landscape was full of wonder. Seeing nature at its finest brought me back to what life is really about. As soon as I was told I would represent Emerald, I knew it was a perfect fit! Green and blue have always been my favorite colors. I have been so drawn recently to green, the color of the Heart Chakra! Forever my favorite place in the body to honor and cherish.

Anne doing yoga in the desert

Emeralds are often linked to the Heart Chakra, the fourth primary energy center in the body. I am personally, deeply connected to this chakra after undergoing open-heart surgery in 2022. The Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest and governs love, compassion, forgiveness, and emotional well-being. By resonating with the Heart Chakra, emeralds are believed to help open and balance this energy center, allowing for a deeper connection with oneself and others. When the Heart Chakra is balanced, it promotes feelings of love, empathy, and acceptance. It enables one to give and receive love freely, fostering harmonious relationships and a sense of interconnectedness with all living beings. Emeralds are thought to assist in removing emotional barriers, releasing past traumas, and fostering emotional healing. When we are feeling balanced in the Heart Chakra we have the power to grow and expand in our lives.

Anne doing yoga in the desert

Yoga to me is connecting to the deep knowledge of self that comes from nature. When I think about gemstones and my yoga and meditation practice I think of earth energy. I tend to reference the earth in my teachings naturally. Something created in the depths of the earth that takes a long time to form holds so much history, power and energy. This is true in our yoga practice as well. It takes time to reveal what is beneath the superficial self that is only visible to the eye. What is unseen is where the true self lies. When we unearth these beauties, gemstones, or deeper layers of ourselves, we experience the magic that life has to offer.

When looking at Emeralds I think of heart openers and poses that you have to build up to, known as peak poses. I recently was able to tap into the energy of the Emerald in Joshua Tree. Manduka's new line of yoga products have been carefully created with the energy of different gemstones Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond. When considering asanas that empower Emerald, for me chin stand (ganda bherundasana) came to mind. It is a powerful heart opener that is also a peak pose. Its challenge symbolizes strength and persistence in growth mentally and physically. It's a challenging shape symbolizes the eagle in flight. I find this to be an extremely powerful visual with the idea of growth and rebirth in mind.

As with any gemstone's spiritual symbolism, personal beliefs and experiences play an essential role in one's connection to the stone's energies. Depending on what stone you choose to work with it can transform your practice differently. I dare you to bring more earthly energy into your practice, trust in the magic that gemstones have to offer. Try out different stones and see which ones you resonate with. Start with whatever draws you in, let the gemstones “pick you”. They may just teach you something about yourself!

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