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  • More Stories of Transformation #MadeForYoga

    It’s been a week of incredible #MadeForYoga messages pouring in from around the world– yogis sharing their journeys through moments of triumph, grief, compassion and learning. Here are three of your stories we had to share. Thank you Heidi Zoltak, Kami Price, and Carly Stong. Read on to the bottom of this page to see how to share your transformation story.

    Heidi ZoltakHeidi Zoltak

    It all started 8 years ago. Continue reading

  • Jessamyn Stanley is #MadeForYoga

    Yoga took Jessamyn out of her comfort zone, completely changing her life. This is her story. She is #MadeForYoga and so are you. Share Your Story.

  • Three Stories of Transformation #MadeForYoga

    We have been inspired by the stories you have been sharing – how you found your practice and what transformed in your life when you did. We are all #MadeForYoga – here are three of your stories we had to share. Thank you Katarina Vidal Cueva, Michael Cruz and Natalie Winsell. Read on to the bottom of this page to see how to share your transformation story.

    Katarina Vidal Cueva

    Katarina Vidal Cueva

    I looked up at my toes, so frustrated with myself. My mind was running with the thought, “this is not exercise. Yoga is so lame.” Continue reading

  • Dice Iida-Klein is #MadeForYoga

    He stumbled upon his first yoga class and never looked back. This is his story. He is #MadeForYoga and so are you. Share Your Story.

  • Meet Vincent Nola, Manduka’s New Sales Director of Yoga Studios


    When it comes to helping our yoga studio community be stronger, more effective and more connected, we don’t mess around. Which is why when it came to hiring our new Sales Director of Yoga Studios, we searched high and low, coast to coast, to find the perfect fit.

    Meet Vincent Nola, a Los Gatos native who’s moving from Des Moines to return home (in more ways than one). An expert in the field, Vincent created and grew Iowa-based Power Life Yoga into a business that now boasts 7 studios, 140+ teachers and 20,000+ members in two markets. As he prepares to shift his focus full-time to the new Sales Director role, we caught up with Vincent to learn more:

    How did you first get introduced to yoga? In 2004, I attended a sales meeting in New York. A friend who owned two Bikram studios invited me to take a class: 90 minutes, 104 degrees and a mental and physical challenge like none I have ever experienced before. Back in LA, I decided to continue to explore yoga. I made Santa Monica Yoga Works my home and eventually completed a 200-hour program there.

    When did you realize you wanted to be a yoga studio owner? I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and, after relocating to Des Moines in 2009, I intuitively felt an opportunity there. Selfishly, I wanted to open my own studio so I could share my passion for yoga and fitness. Dreams do come true when combining hard work with passion and purpose.

    What was the most challenging part of building a yoga studio in the Midwest? Entering a new market. I believe in building community through hard work and grassroots relationship building. We taught free classes in the local parks, dance studios and schools prior to opening our first studio. The overwhelming response we had was worth every minute away from home.

    How important are a studio's teachers? Teachers are the pulse of our community. They are leaders and influencers, helping to create culture and the overall student experience. I look for leadership qualities in teachers like empathy, humility, positivity and creativity.

    Why did you want to come work at Manduka? I was excited by Manduka's purposeful mission, sustainability efforts and reputation for creating premium products. After stepping back from Power Life Yoga, I knew I needed to find a way to stay connected to the yoga industry. Plus, the job happened to be in California near family (where I was hoping to end up down the road anyway).

    Can you explain a bit more about what exactly you’ll be doing in your new role? As the new Sales Director, I get to lead a team of passionate people dedicated to understanding customers’ needs and figuring out ways to exceed their expectations. We want to give our partners the tools, products and education that will deliver the best student experience possible, which I believe is the main ingredient in the recipe to build a successful business. The more successful our partners become, the greater the impact we can have in our communities.

    How have you seen the yoga community change over the last 10 years? In Des Moines (not to mention nationally and globally), yoga has definitely become more mainstream. We now have yoga at elementary schools, high school football programs, fire and police stations, inner city programs, military bases and hospitals.

    What’s your favorite Manduka product? My favorite product is our new GRP mat, which launches later this year. I gravitate toward heated and sweaty classes (power yoga, power sculpt, HITT, etc) and the GRP has great grip, plus a charcoal center to fight odor.

    How do you stay mindful when life gets stressful? Take the time to reset, restore and recover. Manage your energy. Yoga, meditation, surfing and connecting to nature are a few ways I like to remain balanced and grounded.

    Have additional questions for Vincent or just want to say hello?
    Email him here:
  • Morgan DeYoung is #MadeForYoga

    It all started for Morgan with a few Instagram challenges - just for fun. But then she found something more - this is her story. ​Sh​e is #MadeForYoga and so are you. Share Your Story.

  • #MadeForYoga | Laura Hand’s Story on Staying Power

    We’re collecting and sharing your stories – how you found your practice and what transformed in your life when you did. Laura Hand (@wayfaringyogi) sent us this story, because sometimes saying ‘yes’ is the most transformative thing we can do.

    Image 1

    I went to my first yoga class almost 10 years ago seeking solace from a stressful engineering job. And though I’d like to tell the story of how it was love at first OM, there was something about that first class didn’t take. Continue reading

  • Keith Mitchell is #MadeForYoga

    After playing in the NFL Keith Mitchell had 'more concussions than he could count'. This is his story. He is #MadeForYoga and so are you. Share your story.

  • Claire Fountain is #MadeForYoga

    Claire found yoga as a teenager in Mississippi, hoping it would help her with her anxiety and depression. What happened next was a powerful transformation. Claire is #MadeForYoga, and so are you. Share your story.

  • #MadeForYoga - Share Your Story


    We’d like to hear your story. We’d like everyone to hear it. Because there are people out there who are right where you were, unsure about whether yoga is right for them. When you share your story, you can inspire new yogis to join us on the mat and explore how they are Made For Yoga too.

    How did you come to yoga? And what transformed in your life when you found your practice?

    Share your story on Instagram using #MadeForYoga and tagging @MandukaYoga in the caption. If you're more comfortable you can also send us an email to - include a photo if you can!

    In honor of our new Made For Yoga apparel collection, we will be choosing a few yogis to win a suite of gear including our new apparel that is as Made for Yoga as you are. One story per yogi please, we’ll select winners on March 20th, and share many more with the community throughout the month.

    You are Made For Yoga. We all are. Inspire the practice. Start sharing.