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  • Dice Iida-Klein is #MadeForYoga

    He stumbled upon his first yoga class and never looked back. This is his story. He is #MadeForYoga and so are you. Share Your Story.

  • Morgan DeYoung is #MadeForYoga

    It all started for Morgan with a few Instagram challenges - just for fun. But then she found something more - this is her story. ​Sh​e is #MadeForYoga and so are you. Share Your Story.

  • #MadeForYoga | Laura Hand’s Story on Staying Power

    We’re collecting and sharing your stories – how you found your practice and what transformed in your life when you did. Laura Hand (@wayfaringyogi) sent us this story, because sometimes saying ‘yes’ is the most transformative thing we can do.

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    I went to my first yoga class almost 10 years ago seeking solace from a stressful engineering job. And though I’d like to tell the story of how it was love at first OM, there was something about that first class didn’t take. Continue reading

  • Keith Mitchell is #MadeForYoga

    After playing in the NFL Keith Mitchell had 'more concussions than he could count'. This is his story. He is #MadeForYoga and so are you. Share your story.

  • Claire Fountain is #MadeForYoga

    Claire found yoga as a teenager in Mississippi, hoping it would help her with her anxiety and depression. What happened next was a powerful transformation. Claire is #MadeForYoga, and so are you. Share your story.

  • #MadeForYoga - Share Your Story


    We’d like to hear your story. We’d like everyone to hear it. Because there are people out there who are right where you were, unsure about whether yoga is right for them. When you share your story, you can inspire new yogis to join us on the mat and explore how they are Made For Yoga too.

    How did you come to yoga? And what transformed in your life when you found your practice?

    Share your story on Instagram using #MadeForYoga and tagging @MandukaYoga in the caption. If you're more comfortable you can also send us an email to - include a photo if you can!

    In honor of our new Made For Yoga apparel collection, we will be choosing a few yogis to win a suite of gear including our new apparel that is as Made for Yoga as you are. One story per yogi please, we’ll select winners on March 20th, and share many more with the community throughout the month.

    You are Made For Yoga. We all are. Inspire the practice. Start sharing.


  • Introducing Manduka Clothing

    The community spoke. We listened. And the result was Manduka Clothing – a collection made for yoga. Every piece, designed to support your practice. Every thread, attached to an intention. Every fiber, consciously chosen for a fit that both feels good and does good. Watch it flow.