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Giving Back

  • Manduka’s Holiday Mindset: Putting Your Practice Into Practice



    How did this all happen so fast? One minute it’s summer and the next, we find ourselves fully entrenched in the holiday season! Not that we’re complaining…this time of year is always one of our favorites, bringing with it family, festivities and lots of opportunities to put the tools we learn on the yoga mat into practice in the real world.

    This year, we’re proud to feature some of our favorite hometown teachers (that’s sunny Los Angeles, by the way), who share with us how they give back in their own communities, model some of their favorite Manduka picks, provide their personal flow playlists and some will even be teaching live-streamed yoga classes throughout the next few months.

    Meet our Holiday Gift Guide Teachers below and get inspired to put your own practice into, well, practice. Together, we can spread positive vibes big and small to everyone we meet, hug, toast and gift this season.

    Practice On,





    NAME: Alex Artymiak




    The Flow Collection




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    NAME: Jackie Smyth




    The Strength Collection




    “As a single mother, I know that help from family, friends and even strangers is always appreciated. That’s why each holiday season, I use my community at the studio to arrange clothing drives for Santa Monica’s Upward Bound House to help single mothers and families get back on their feet.”




    NAME: Kali Sampson Alexander




    The Energy Collection




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    NAME: Katie Keller




    The Shine Collection




    “I work at The Giving Keys in Downtown LA, where we employ people transitioning out of homelessness to make inspirational products and key jewelry stamped with words like DREAM, CREATE or INSPIRE. Working with organizations like Chrysalis, Union Rescue Mission and First Place For Youth makes me proud to pay it forward today, tomorrow and every day.”



    NAME: CJ Harvey




    The Growth Collection




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  • 5 Yoga Poses For Stress & Anxiety


    Stress is something that affects us all. In fact, we need a bit of stress in our lives to help evolve, grow, gain perspective and stay motivated. But when we’re overloaded with stress (hello, 2017), it can become overwhelming and detrimental. Ultimately, too much stress affects our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, which is why making time to practice yoga is so important.

    Yoga provides the perfect tools to help us deal with stress. Below, you’ll find some key poses to help relieve anxiety and allow you to move through your day with more mindfulness and peace:

    Sesa O'Connor

    1. Child’s Pose (Balasana)

    This pose has an immediate calming effect. It allows the mind to turn inward away from distractions.

    • Come to a kneeling position, with knees wide and big toes together.
    • Place a bolster between your thighs, then fold forward from the hips and rest your chest down.
    • Rest head on the floor or on a block, with arms stretched out in front.

    2. Crocodile (Makrasana)

    This position allows for a deep connection with your own breath, helping to turn the mind inwards.

    • Lay on your belly.
    • Make a pillow with your hands and rest your head upon them.
    • Keep your legs out straight behind you, with feet turned outwards.
    • Focus on the breath down into the belly. Feel it pressing the floor as you inhale and soften back on the exhalation.

    3. Reclining Bound Angle (Supta baddha konasana)

    The detrimental effects of stress often occur because we’re holding onto unnecessary thoughts or feelings. This pose teaches us how to let go.

    • Lay on your back, place the soles of the feet together and knees resting apart.
    • A bolster can be placed underneath from the lower back up to the back of the head.
    • Extra support can also be placed under the thighs.

    4. Legs Up The Wall (Viparita Karani)

    This inverted position is instantly calming and introverting.

    • Sit with the side of your pelvis against the wall.
    • As you lay down, pivot legs to swing up the wall so your spine is lengthening away from it.
    • A bolster or low block can be placed under the back of the pelvis for more comfort.

    5. Savasana

    The ultimate stress-relieving pose!

    • Lay on your back, with the spine in a straight line.
    • Let feet and legs roll out from each other, and arms rolled out from the sides of the body.
    • Tuck the chin slightly towards the chest. A bolster or blanket can be placed under the knees to relieve tightness in the lower back.
    • Now, just breathe normally and relax.


  • We're in This Together

    Our beloved community of yogis goes beyond the studio – it spans the nation and the globe. Harvey and Irma's affect on our community has broken our hearts, which leads us to the question: What can we do to help?


    Manduka has committed to helping studios in need hit by the hurricane with replacement yoga mats for those that have become lost or damaged. We truly believe that the power of yoga provides a sense of self and strength, especially in times of uncertainty.

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  • project:OM Artist Spotlight – Taking Back Control with David Allen



    Meet David Allen, a tattoo artist and painter known for his work tattooing over the scars left behind by mastectomies of breast cancer survivors. We sat down to discuss his partnership with project:OM.

    Why did you want to become a tattoo artist?

    I like the one-on-one aspect where I can spend time with a client, whether that be two hours or five. And I can deliver art that caters directly to the person.

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  • Survivor Story: Jennifer Winther

    We recently announced project:OM, a mindful movement to drive positive change at an epic level. The inaugural event will be held May 12-14th, 2017 and will unite One Million in the world's largest yoga class to benefit Susan G. Komen®. Manduka Ambassador and breast cancer survivor, Jennifer Winther, shares how her yoga studio became her sanctuary during chemotherapy treatment. 

    Breast Cancer Survivor Jennifer Winther Practicing Yoga

    When did you first learn you had breast cancer?

    I was diagnosed on March 25th, 2011. At the time, my son was in kindergarten, just starting spring break, and my daughter was in pre-school. My mother had been diagnosed with colon cancer when she was around the same age as I was. She died within a year, so it was a terrifying diagnosis. Continue reading

  • The Ripple Effect Contest

    At Manduka, we believe yoga has a ripple effect that starts on the mat, but stretches far beyond.Souljourn Yoga Retreat in Peru | The Manduka Blog

    From January 18 to February 28, we’ll be looking for the most creative, passionate, and genuine ways our followers plan to create a ripple effect in their communities. Share a 60-second video showcasing how you'll make 2017 a better place to our Create.It page for a chance to win the experience of a lifetime. Continue reading

  • Thank You, Yogis

    Your Inspiration Notes to Manduka

    Last month we sent out mad lib style postcards to learn more about what inspires our customers. Reading your responses made us more proud than ever to be part of your practice. Thank you, yogis, for making time to get on your mats and cultivate so many moments of intention. Your practice is what makes our work worthwhile. Continue reading

  • Eleonora Zampatti's Ode to the Moon

    "The moon understands what it means to be human. Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections."
    Tahereh Mafi

    Eleonora Zampatti | Manduka Blog

    Since 2014, Ode to the Moon has brought people together to practice yoga, self-love, and the power of vulnerability. All this in the aim of creating awareness around domestic violence. Founder and Manduka Ambassador, Eleonora Zampatti, (herself a survivor of domestic abuse) shares her story below along with advice for being an advocate to yourself and your loved ones.

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  • A Bracelet That Gives Back

    This month, we're celebrating women's health! Why? Because we appreciate every chaturanga, downward dog, and savasana as time spent to connect with who we are, the women we came from, and the many things we can accomplish together as a community.

    In that spirit, we introduce our latest collaboration with Mala Collective.

    Manduka + Mala Collective Continue reading

  • Bring Yoga To Kids Who Need It Most

    Every student should experience confidence, focus and feel balanced in the classroom, but not all students come from situations that give them that luxury. So we have to support the people who support our most at-risk kids. Bent On Learning is a nonprofit organization that has taught yoga to over 18,000 students over the past 15 years, bringing yoga and all of its benefits into underserved New York City public schools to support a healthier, more compassionate learning environment – and we made a mat to help make what they do possible.

    We’ve collaborated with visual artist Ryan McGinness to bring a one-of-a-kind printed PRO mat that will not only inspire your practice, but gives back to a young community that needs it most. Every time one of these special PRO mats are purchased, we will gift two yoga classes for children in Bent On Learning, helping inner city kids find inner peace.

    Manduka PRO Limited Edition Print Continue reading