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  • Claire Fountain is #MadeForYoga

    Claire found yoga as a teenager in Mississippi, hoping it would help her with her anxiety and depression. What happened next was a powerful transformation. Claire is #MadeForYoga, and so are you. Share your story.

  • #MadeForYoga - Share Your Story

    We’d like to hear your story. We’d like everyone to hear it. Because there are people out there who are right where you were, unsure about whether yoga is right for them. When you share your story, you can inspire new yogis to join us on the mat and explore how they are Made For Yoga too.

    How did you come to yoga? And what transformed in your life when you found your practice?

    Share your story on Instagram using #MadeForYoga and tagging @MandukaYoga in the caption. If you're more comfortable you can also send us an email to - include a photo if you can!

    In honor of our new Made For Yoga apparel collection, we will be choosing a few yogis to win a suite of gear including our new apparel that is as Made for Yoga as you are. One story per yogi please, we’ll select winners on March 20th, and share many more with the community throughout the month.

    You are Made For Yoga. We all are. Inspire the practice. Start sharing.


  • Introducing Manduka Clothing

    The community spoke. We listened. And the result was Manduka Clothing – a collection made for yoga. Every piece, designed to support your practice. Every thread, attached to an intention. Every fiber, consciously chosen for a fit that both feels good and does good. Watch it flow.

  • Break In Your PRO Like A Pro

    Just like your favorite pair of jeans or a well-worn baseball glove, our PRO mats require a break-in process, or PROcess as we like to call it, which is really more like a ritual. As you practice, the top surface will naturally wear in, transforming it into one that’s uniquely yours. The more you stretch, twist, sweat and breathe together, the better it gets—just like your practice. Continue reading

  • Koya Webb's Story of Healing

    Everyone’s journey with the practice is different. This is Koya’s:

  • Inspired by the Practice, Crafted with Intention

    Made for Yoga Apparel

    Creating a line of yoga apparel has been on our minds for quite some time now. Before we even sketched the first design, we asked ourselves a really important question: “Does the community really need another line of active wear? The answer was yes. We needed one that was inspired by the practice and then crafted with intention.
    Continue reading

  • Something New, Inspired by the Practice


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  • Alex Crow's Story of Self-Discovery

    Meet Alex. A yoga teacher and writer who allowed her journey with the practice to unfold without any preconceived notions of where it might take her or what it might reveal.

  • An Artistic Collaboration with Real Heart

    For the time ever, we have partnered with an artist to create a one-of-a-kind printed PRO mat. The limited edition Ryan McGinness PRO Mat was designed to inspire creativity both in practice and in life but it also serves a much higher purpose. Every time one of these special PRO mats is purchased, we will donate two yoga classes to children through Bent On Learning. This non-profit organization helps bring yoga and all its benefits to public schools in the New York area.

    The abstract female silhouette is part of Ryan’s iconic “Women Series” and positively flows off the classic dark blue mat right into our open hearts. And while the design is new, everything else you love about the PRO is still there including an unparalleled density, performance grip and a lifetime guarantee. Already our most supportive mat, this limited edition mat truly embodies the spirit of the practice by supporting the next generation of yogis.

    Buy a mat. Give yoga.

    About Ryan McGinness Ryan McGinness is an American artist, living in New York City. His work is in the permanent public collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Cincinnati Art Museum, MUSAC in Spain and the Misumi Collection in Japan.

    See more of Ryan’s work at

    About Bent on Learning
    Bent On Learning brings yoga into underserved public schools and classrooms tosupport a healthier, more compassionate learning environment where kids can thrive. For 15 years, they have been providing weekly yoga programs to schools during the academic day, serving 18,000 children to date and helping make health and happiness an integral part of school curriculums.

    For more info visit

    © Ryan McGinness. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

  • Celebrating Community Yoga Studios on Small Business Saturday - Interview with BIG Power Yoga

    Big Power Yoga

    Running a small business yoga studio is one very big task. It takes vision, perseverance, and the ability to ride the roller coaster of keeping the doors and hearts open for your customers. Today and everyday we honor our yoga studio partners who work around the clock to bring yoga to their local community. They wholeheartedly dedicate themselves, because they truly understand this is the place where real life, love and transformation occurs.

    We have all experienced what makes a yoga studio so special. It’s the heart and soul of local community. It’s the place that new and seasoned yogis experience personal breakthroughs, and teachers inspire growth while guiding students to go deeper into their practice. This is what transformation looks like.
    For this year’s Small Business Saturday, we are shining light on one special studio that brings big energy to the small yoga studio world – BIG Power Yoga in Houston, Texas. This past week, we had an opportunity to spend time with the founder of Big Power and learn a bit more about how they stay centered in the local community, while bringing BIG change to people’s lives.

    Q&A with Laura Rust from BIG Power Yoga:

    MDK: Describe your transformative yoga experience (1st time, game-changing moment, etc.)

    BIG: During the first year of my yoga practice, it was the physical challenge that I fell in love with and it kept me engaged. After that first year, I discovered Baptiste Yoga and a bigger transformation began. I was in Austin after training with Baron Baptiste for my first weekend-long program and planned to drive back to Houston early that morning to get home in time for work. Unfortunately, I lost my keys, had to get a new set made. Then moments after finally getting my car running, I got pulled over for speeding. Normally, these types of events would leave me feeling upset, stressed and victimized. Instead, I felt responsible, powerful, and unshaken. I was "in the flow" of my life in a whole new way, in control with unwavering confidence. That's the type of transformation that I see is possible for everyone through yoga.

    MDK: What was your aha moment that lead to opening of your studio?

    BIG: My aha-moment happened when I understood that it didn't matter how old I was, how experienced I was, or what anyone else thought. I realized that with the right people and a big vision, anything is possible!

    MDK: Tell us about your studio.

    BIG: As a studio, we are committed to innovation and making the practice accessible and useful in the modern world. We offer classes almost every hour of the day, including 5:30am and 10:00pm – a rare opportunity for the community to find time to practice even with the busiest schedules. We aim to make our core values of community, integrity, possibility, empowerment and fun present in everything we do. We use the principles and methodology of the practice to run our business—from our yoga classes, retail store, emails, to interactions with practitioners, its done mindfully and kindly.

    MDK: How long has Big Power Yoga been in business? What have been some of the challenges? The rewards? What aspect is the most rewarding?

    BIG: We have been in business since February 2012. Our biggest challenge has been growing quickly while maintaining the integrity of our core values and mission. We are constantly inspired by the stories we hear about how our practice and community have changed people's lives –that’s the most rewarding part of job.

    MDK: How do you get new and seasoned yogi's to your studio?

    BIG: People find out about our yoga studio primarily through word of mouth. When someone is experiencing a transformation from their practice and from being a part of our community, they can't help but want to bring their friends and family in to check it out!

    MDK: How do you find the balance between looking at yoga as a business and yoga as a practice?

    BIG: We find that both work together –when one is working, so is the other. It’s a simple outlook, but an accurate reflection on our success. The practice is the core; we need it to be the strongest for the business aspect to thrive.

    MDK: What is your approach to managing the business?

    BIG: We strive to do the best we can with the tools we have. Instead of getting caught up in what we lack, we stay focused on yoga’s transformational possibilities—using the practice as our tools for resourcefulness, pushing through challenging times, and focusing on the present.

    MDK: What advice would you offer a 1st-time yogi?

    BIG: Come as you are – there isn’t one way to be a yogi. Yoga is beneficial for all and with consistent practice you will see the results you needed.

    MDK: What is your advice for future yoga studio owners?

    BIG: We would tell future yoga studio owners to trust themselves and have the courage to do things differently. Let things get a little messy—it builds character! We have learned that the things we didn’t know beforehand have provided the biggest opportunities for us to create and innovate.

    MDK: How do you define yoga & the practice?

    BIG: We define it as being consistently committed to growing and discovering something new—constant growth. It’s what yoga is all about, honoring that shifts happen. At our studio, we offer programs that simplify yoga principles, making them applicable to daily life. Most recently, we offered a 40-Day Program dedicated to exploring how we practice on and off the mat.

    MDK: How do you apply your yoga practice off the mat?

    BIG: We apply our yoga practice off the mat through authentic, vulnerable conversations with supportive friends and family. To us, yoga off the mat is anytime we commit to something outside of ourselves – letting go of ego and practicing ultimate selflessness.

    If you are ever in Houston, check out BIG Power Yoga. To find a yoga studio in your local area, visit our store locator.