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Our New Spring Season: Spotlight on the PRO


Why fit in when you were born to stand out? - Dr. Seuss


The spring season brings with it new beginnings, open-ended possibilities and the opportunity to further define what makes your practice uniquely amazing.

Abundance is all around – fresh rain! new blooms! longer days! – and, with that, we’re proud to introduce more yoga mats, technical fabrics and performance-driven details than ever before (like, ever).

To help navigate that abundance and find the yoga set-up that suits your individual practice, we’ve organized this season’s collections with the PRO devotee, the eKO lover and the eQua aficionado in mind.

First up? The PRO collection, a line-up of our most trusted mats and apparel. For our spring photoshoot, we were inspired by Maria Villella, an Ashtanga teacher who’s been practicing for the last 16 years. We caught up with Maria to learn more about how she got started and why she loves the PRO.

How did you get introduced to yoga? I saw an ad for a new studio in a local paper. I was looking to do something physical because I was a student at the time and needed to move my body.

For which yoga practice would you recommend the PRO? All yoga practices! My regular practice is Ashtanga but I sometimes go to vinyasa, restorative or Iyengar classes, too - and it’s still perfect.

How long have you had your current PRO mat? 8 years and I’ve probably clocked 2,000 practices on it.

What do you like best about the PRO? I feel so grounded on it. I don’t slip and I can balance well. It’s so durable, too - it’s really the only mat you’ll ever need to buy. The only time I’ve replaced mine is when I lost my old one!

Why is durability important? It takes time to break in a mat and once you do, you want to keep it around. I’ve practiced on sandy beaches and even in the desert. The PRO holds its shape and is really easy to clean.

And because the PRO mat is thick and cushy, you don’t need a blanket under your knee in lunges and similar poses. As an Ashtanga practitioner, I don’t often use props in my practice so I’m happy to have a mat that gives me the support I need.

What does your mat mean to you? My mat is home to me. I go to it daily and it’s where I re-connect. When I come to my mat, my intention is to just be present with whatever comes up.

Ready to find your perfect PRO?  Shop the collection here.

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