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5 Ways to Stay Motivated with Todd McCullough

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Question: Why do you want to be in shape?
Typical Answer: “I want to lose ten pounds.”

That’s not good enough for Todd McCullough, founder of TMAC Fitness. He wants to know WHY his clients want to be in shape. And that’s when, he says, things start to get interesting.

After working out with Todd (watch the videos), we sat down to chat about the feeling of a good workout - and why staying motivated is the key to success. Here are his tips:


  1. Make your bed: Momentum is a funny thing. Positivity and negativity both feed off each other. Accomplishing something as simple as making your bed leads to your next win. Start here.
  2. Move first: A body in motion stays in motion. On the days I don’t move first thing, I’m in a fog all day. If working out first thing is not, well, your thing, try walking your dog to the coffee shop. Don’t overthink it. Just move.
  3. An attitude of gratitude: After my morning workout, I pause for a few moments to connect. These few minutes are usually broken up into four phases:
    • Thanks for this particular day. The body begins to relax. Positivity begins to flow through mind, body, and soul.
    • Blessings for loved ones. It’s not about me; it’s about us. We’re all connected.
    • Bringing light to people I encounter today. Be fully present and full of energy. It is not simply wishing thinking; it’s intentional action.
    • What I want to accomplish today. I see it happen. I feel it, and do it.
  4. Prime your mind and body: Every tried cold therapy? At the end of a shower, turn the water to freezing cold. Take thirty slow breaths then exhale the last breath out. Hold here as long as you can. Repeat this a few times. Trust me, it works.
  5. Your workout is the new happy hour: Start by finding your people: those who share your passions in life. Begin to plan fun activities together. Start your weekend with a hike. Go to an evening yoga class and grab a glass of wine afterwards. Knowing that someone’s expecting you to show up will hold you accountable - and motivated.


Wishing you the best on your wellness journey!


For more motivation and tips follow @tmacfitness on Instagram!

To celebrate the start of summer Todd has put together a killer workout series:

3 Minute Ab Workout

5 Minute Arm + Cardio Workout

Morning Yoga Flow

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