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What do yoga and Wrestlemania have to do with each other? Everything, especially when it's for a great cause.

project:OM Pre-Wrestlemania Event | The Manduka Blog

If you haven’t heard yet, our project:OM event to benefit Susan G. Komen is taking place May 12-14 and it’s all about bringing many different people together for a great cause…one million people, to be exact. But when we launched project:OM last month, we never imagined that one of our biggest yoga supporters would end up being…the WWE.

But when you think deeper, it does make sense: We all believe in the power of yoga, health and wellness to heal our bodies, minds and spirits. Susan G. Komen has seen that spirit manifested in countless heroic breast cancer survivors, WWE harnesses the power of yoga to keep their Superstars healthy and fit, and we at Manduka? Well, our love for yoga is a given.

So the three organizations joined up Saturday, April 1 in Orlando, FL to host a pre-Wrestlemania yoga event with E! News Host Maria Menounos and 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee and certified yoga instructor Diamond Dallas Page (DDP). And it was epic.

project:OM Pre-Wrestlemania Event | The Manduka Blog

More than 150 WrestleMania superfans, breast cancer survivors, and yoga/fitness enthusiasts lined up as early as 4am to take their place on our custom project:OM mats, screaming for crowd favorite DDP and participating in the project:OM “M” Challenge (more on that here).

project:OM Pre-Wrestlemania Event | The Manduka Blog

People who had never practiced yoga before rolled out their mats with confidence, encouraged by the welcoming atmosphere. And before you start thinking this was all a serious, straightforward affair (although there were absolutely moments of pure focus and determination), there was also laughter! And music! And celebration for life, lived at its very best.

project:OM Pre-Wrestlemania Event | The Manduka Blog

Driving this amazing energy was the DDP Yoga program and incomparably-inspiring man himself, whose commitment to the cause (his wife is a breast cancer survivor) and approach to yoga, health and wellness became the common denominator to unite everyone in the room.

The positivity was palpable, and everyone was aligned in our collective effort to raise money and awareness to support Susan G. Komen’s Bold Goal of reducing breast cancer deaths by 50 percent in the U.S. by 2026.

project:OM Pre-Wrestlemania Event | The Manduka Blog

For real, though. If yoga has the power to transcend age, gender, race, size, income level and more, AND bring 150 Wrestlemania superfans into one room practicing on pink mats, then we DEFINITELY have the power to end the battle with breast cancer once and for all. And, hey, you get to do (more) yoga while you’re at it. Win-win, right?

Wish you could have been there? View our Facebook live video here! Learn more about the movement and sign up for a class that makes a difference at

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