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Favorite Moments from Wanderlust O'ahu

Following us on Instagram? You might have seen our social media manager's updates from Wanderlust O’ahu. Wanderlust Festivals are a great opportunity to plug in, try something new, and learn from some of the best. With extensive yoga class offerings, speakers, and music – there’s plenty to catch. For anyone who wasn’t able to make it, here were some of Zena's  favorite moments.

Wanderlust O'ahu | Turtle Bay Resort | Manduka Blog

The Views from Turtle Bay

I've experienced a few Wanderlust locations and while I love the summer camp vibe of mountain towns for the other festivals, I've got to say, there was something very special about this remote resort nestled up against the sea on the North Shore of O'ahu. Is it just me or is the sound of the ocean a constant reminder to tune into your breath and go with the flow?

Coconut at Wanderlust O'ahu | The Manduka Blog

The Grub 

I was delighted to find a poke bowl on every menu in Hawaii (seriously, even the most unsuspecting bar menus) - not to mention acai and pitaya in abundance and fresh coconuts from local vendor Roots & Branches. Yogi belly heaven.

Schuyler Grant teaching at Wanderlust O'ahu 2017.

Practicing with Schuyler Grant IRL

After completing the 21 Day Yoga Challenge at home, I was stoked to take classes with Wanderlust co-founder Schuyler Grant in real life. I tried her Soulscape Slow Flow with music mixed by Jesse Blake and cannot recommend taking a class with Schuyler enough. She is such a powerful fountain of knowledge and commanded the room with incredible ease and attention.

SUP Yoga with Jeramie Vaine | Wanderlust O'ahu | The Manduka Blog

Flowing on the Water with Jeramie Vaine

Having already checked out of my hotel, I went into my first SUP Yoga class ever freshly showered and determined not to fall into the water. But, it turns out yoga in the ocean is a lot more fun when you connect with the water instead of avoiding it. Just ask Jeramie, who had us dancing on our boards and practicing "suntanning" pose. I left class totally dunked and could not have been happier about it.

Acro Yoga with Daniel Scott and Kadri Kurgan | Wanderlust O'ahu | The Manduka Blog

Flying with Daniel Scott & Kadri Kurgan

Acro Yoga is one of those things I am forever meaning to try more of - and forever finding imaginary hurdles for. What if I don't have a partner? What if someone drops me? What if I drop someone else!? Daniel and Kadri put all these fears to rest with warm-ups that get you comfortable working with strangers and trusting in yourself, as much as the new friends you're working with.

Insiya Rasiwala-Finn | Wanderlust O'ahu | The Manduka Blog

Talking Doshas with Insiya Rasiwala-Finn

Insiya covered a lot of ground in her Urban Ayurveda talk, but my main takeaway was to make time for self-care in the mornings and to practice a yoga that balances you. A cozy bookworm at heart, I tend to run sluggish so hot yoga gives me some much-needed drive. For those of you who run a little more active, embrace restorative!

Wanderlust O'ahu Yoga Festival | The Manduka Blog

Festival Closing with Eoin Finn

There was no better instructor to close down the sweet long weekend than Eoin Finn. His signature Blissology flows are designed to honor the natural seaside surroundings. Accompanied by local musicians Mike Love and Ron Artis, it was impossible not to feel the love in the crowd.

Don't just take our word for it! Check out a Wanderlust Festival this summer or participate in a Wanderlust 108 event near you to find your true north. 

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