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A Bracelet That Gives Back

This month, we're celebrating women's health! Why? Because we appreciate every chaturanga, downward dog, and savasana as time spent to connect with who we are, the women we came from, and the many things we can accomplish together as a community.

In that spirit, we introduce our latest collaboration with Mala Collective.

Manduka + Mala Collective

The Love & Strength Bracelet reminds us to care for ourselves and trust in our intuition. These bracelets are handmade in Bali with three different kinds of beads:

Rose Quartz: Opens the heart to love, brings deep inner healing, and promotes self-love.
White Moonstone: The gemstone for "new beginnings". Increases intuition, brings harmony, and calms emotions.
Rudraksha: Represents clarity and awareness. Releases negative thoughts.

Mala Collective and Manduka Collaboration

Ten dollars from each bracelet sold in the month of October 2016 will be donated the Susan G. Komen® Foundation. This year alone, it is estimated that there will be over 40,000 deaths due to breast cancer. The Susan G. Komen® Foundation hopes to reduce this number by half over the next decade. Their work funds research, advocacy and public policy initiatives to find a cure.

This moment, we're giving it all for her. Give back by getting yours here.

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