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An Asana Sequence with Chelsey Korus

Feelings of doubt, fear or any negative emotion can make us feel shifty and ungrounded. But within you exists a stronger, more powerful presence, represented by the mountain mudra. This sequence is designed to renew your focus and recognize the unshakeable mountain within you, so you can clear the path to become your most authentic self and feel restored to a place of feeling grounded and confident.

Let’s begin.

Start in downward facing dog. Take a deep breath in and a full breath out. You can begin to peddle the knees and settle into your stillness.

Chelsey Korus

On the next inhale, raise your right leg high into three-legged dog.

Chelsey Korus

On the exhale, coil your right knee in towards your forehead as you exhale, knee to nose, supporting and centering your practice with an active core.


On the inhale, lower your right foot back down...

Chelsey Korus ...and rise up into crescent lunge, where your hands will take the mountain mudra over heart center. For mountain mudra, your pointer fingers and thumbs touch to make the shape of a triangle that resembles a mountain. Here, your heart is lifted and your gaze is up. Keep your back leg straight and envision the tallest obstacle before you - you’re ready to move.

Chelsey Korus

On the exhale, push the mountain mudra straight out in front of you, bend with your back knee, root your tailbone, and straighten your arms.

Chelsey Korus

As you inhale, straighten the back knee, pulling your mountain mudra back to heart center, landing in a strong crescent lunge. Lift your heart and gaze up again, honoring the equal push of strength and pull of flexibility that will keep you balanced on your path.

Chelsey Korus

On the exhale, push the mountain mudra straight out in front of you once more, bend that back left knee, root your tailbone, and push your mudra straight out in front of the body. Are you moving what you intended to move?

Chelsey Korus

Standing split is next. With confidence, take your hands that are out in front of you and slowly drop them to the floor, pressing down on all four corners of your right foot to firmly root it as you raise your left leg up like an antenna searching for a signal in the sky. Spread your toes. If you’re ready to go deeper, you can take one hand behind the leg to grab your right calf muscle, so you can push down and let your head get heavy towards the ground.

Chelsey Korus

Next, coil your left knee in towards you, to meet the rest of your body in a forward fold. Grab opposite elbows and hang over your legs. Welcome a gentle sway here, keeping your feet grounded.

Chelsey Korus

Release your arms, drop your tail, and start to roll up one vertebrae at a time, so that your head is last to come up to standing. On the inhale, sweep your arms up above your head, and take that mountain mudra at the top, setting your drishti right in the middle of that triangle. Feel your feet grounded on the earth, as your heart’s compass continues to point to its True North.

Chelsey Korus

Exhale, bow sweetly, hands to prayer in gratitude for the obstacles we get to overcome.

Chelsey Korus

To stay balanced, repeat the sequence on the other side, starting in dogward dog and lifting your right leg. Your reward is waiting on the other side.

Chelsey Korus is quickly becoming one of yoga’s foremost teachers, learning and teaching yoga around the world for the past decade. She is the creator of AWAKE with Chelsey Korus, a total package lifestyle around soul, spirit, and environment, helping people awaken to their moment, and have the tools to step into their wholeness.

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  • I read what you wrote ..."I've written before about how important it is to do the yoga poses you dislike because usually that's what your body and mind need most." I do it every day...twice a day!


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