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Meet Our Team: Customer Care

Manduka Employees

Calling all yogis! Manduka is looking for a customer care associate in our Los Angeles headquarters. No automated phone menus here. Our team helps customers deepen their practice with every call and email. Must love wearing leggings to work, taking plank breaks, and sharing snacks. Meet some of our crew and hear their take on life at Manduka.

Manduka Customer Care - Rebecca Rebecca
Practices: Vinyasa Flow + AcroYoga
Home Studio: YogaWorks
Gear Select: The Black Mat PRO
Work/Life Balance: I dance in a company. It's something I've always loved doing and studied in college. Yoga helped a lot in my dancing because it made me stronger.
Office Highlight: The praise bowl! Our team writes nice things to each other, personally or professionally. We collect them in a fish bowl and then get together to share them with one another.

Vinyasa Flow + Yin
Home Studio:
Gear Select: The Black Mat PRO
Work/Life Balance:
I recently got into hiking. I'm joining a group of girls this month who meet up to try out trails together. 
Office Highlight:
My touch base with Rebecca and weekly meetings with our e-commerce team. It’s always nice to go over everything that’s going on in the company and share what our customers are asking.


Practices: Ashtanga
Home Studio: The Green Yogi
Gear Select: The Manduka PRO in Black magic
Work/Life Balance: Happy hour and Harry Potter.
Office Highlight:
Yoga workshops. Last week we did an AcroYoga workshop and I flew with our CEO! It was rad. The people here really inspire me. Everyone is a rock star; we work our butts off and have a ton of fun.

Practices: Power Vinyasa
Home Studio: SoHo Yoga
Gear Select: Yogitoes Heather Frost
Work/Life Balance: Working out, adventuring around LA, and travel.
Office Highlight: My first week here we did a sound bath meditation at Yogaworks, then went out for food and drinks. That was a game changer.

Practices: Vinyasa + Restorative
Home Studio:
Yoga Bliss
Gear Select: eQua Hot Mat Towel
Work/Life Balance: I teach yoga too, and I really like that. Staying active and traveling. Most recently I went to Bora Bora for my honeymoon.
Office Highlight: Our annual summer service day. We’ll close for a half day and go and do something for the community. Last time we did a beach clean-up.

Hot Yoga
Home Studio: CorePower Yoga
Gear Select:  eQua Hand Towel
Work/Life Balance: I love camping. My husband just bought a 1976 VW bus so we have a lot of trips planned.
Office Highlight: The warehouse sale was really fun. It was cool to hear customer stories about their mats. At the end of even a stressful day, it makes me feel good to know my job puts product in the hands of people to practice yoga.

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