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Humans of Wanderlust

Wanderlust - Squaw Valley

Our favorite part of attending this year's Wanderlust festivals? Meeting all of you. From farmers in Minnesota to acupuncturists in Colorado, thank you for sharing with us (on and off the mat) at this year's events in Stratton, Aspen and Squaw Valley.


Durango, CO

I’ve been teaching yoga for almost 10 years, but this is my first Wanderlust. I’m in a space where I’m exploring and taking a little break from teaching. I was getting burned out and realized that my own practice has been suffering a lot over the last couple years. So I’m just here taking it all in as a student.

So far I'm most impressed that people here are genuine and happy. At some of the festivals I‘ve been to there’s a lot of ego and it was almost more stressful than it was relaxing. I didn’t know what to expect because it is Aspen. But it's been very laid back and fun.


Melissa & Robyn
Colorado Springs, CO
Melissa & Robyn

We know each other through our AcroYoga community. We’ve been doing it for a year and a half now. It’s so unique compared to a regular yoga class, or any other activity. There’s a lot of trust involved. Communication is the biggest lesson. You have to communicate what’s happening and say what you want and what you need without ever being defensive about it.


Yu & Jennifer

Yu and Jennifer
San Francisco, CA

Jennifer: We just finished our yoga teacher training last week. Yoga makes me feel really good inside and I wanted to be able to share that, but I didn't have the tools.

Yu: I did it just to deepen my practice. I actually teach kids yoga once a week. It's very different. It's more play-based curriculum but when young children get into a pose and recognize their own body -- that's pretty amazing. They really like downward dog because I let them wag their tails back and forth.



North Carolina

I came by myself and it’s been great. I drove to Aspen from North Carolina and after this I’m continuing on to California. I had a lot of playlists to stay entertained, and some books on tapes, too. There was one called You Are A Badass. It was empowering but also made me appreciate all of the people that are in my life and understand that we all have a purpose.

I have taught yoga in the past. It wasn't the easiest thing for me. I have a little bit of anxiety when it comes to leading large groups but when students tell me that something I said touched them – that’s something I really love and want to share.


Orlando & Rajni

Orlando & Rajni

Orlando: I’m a farmer. When you’re driving across the Midwest and it’s really boring and you say, "Who’s taking care of this?" That’s me. She’s the yoga person but I was the one who found out about Wanderlust.

Rajni: We've been coming for four years now. In the beginning we wanted to do and see everything. Now the excitement is still there but we're much more calm about it.


Yakima, WA

I’m a med student and during school I have no time to do anything. I wanted an intensive weekend to get back to my practice. One of the most interesting and most unfortunate things about medicine is the whole track of med school is totally against well-being. You’re so busy and have no time to eat well or exercise -- but all the while you’re telling people, “Eat well! Exercise! Take care of yourself!” That’s one of the reasons why yoga and meditation is so good with what I’m doing. It gives me time to unwind and take a break and live what I'm telling people in my work.



Ashley and SarahAshley and Sarah
Monterey and Carmel, CA

We got our masters in social work together and also co-write a blog. On it, we talk about the yoga lifestyle – not just the postures, but how you can integrate yoga into your whole life. One of the things we do is a simple pleasure of the week. Last week it was cold water in a hot yoga class. Stargazing was one before that... Things that are free, or aren’t really expensive. We like calling them out so people can be more aware of the beauty around us that doesn't involve spending money or going shopping.


Lindsey & Sarah

Lindsey & Sarah
Lakewood & Evergreen, CO

This is our break from school. We’re students in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. It’s kind of like yoga in that you can get into the flow of it and don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. You acknowledge a person’s energy with the needle and help them get to where they need to be.




San Carlos, CA

I'm co-owner of a yoga studio in Redwood City. There are thirteen of us from my studio here. At home we see each other in passing or even in business meetings, but it's so fun to get to know each other outside of work. We think we have so much in common and then we all connect with different teachers and different parts of the music. It's fun to experience that through each other.

For anyone on the fence about Wanderlust... Forget about the money. Forget about time off. Just get here. I say that with yoga. Eighty percent of the work is in arriving. Get here and everything else that's meant to happen for you will happen.

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