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Get Ready for SUP Yoga, At Home

Jeramie Vaine, @jvaine1, is a Professional Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Athlete, 200-hour Power Yoga certified teacher, and SUP Yoga instructor. He’s currently traveling the world with Wanderlust Festivals and clinics around the globe, bringing his passions to paddlers everywhere.

This asana series was designed to bring a fun, safe and calming practice to the water for Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. However the poses are for any level of yoga practitioner and can be added to any daily practice, on or off the water.

Jeramie VaineCow Pose

Starting in tabletop position, knees hip width, hands below shoulders, spine in a neutral position. On the inhale drop the belly button towards the earth, soften the elbows, encourage the chest and chin forward and up.




Jeramie VaineCat Pose

Exhale the breath, bring the bellybutton in towards the spine and encourage the back body to round and let the head hang heavy. Move with the breath and take 3 to 5 rounds.




Jeramie VaineTadasana Variation

Come back through tabletop, engage the core, tuck the tailbone and rise up to standing on the knees. The inhale will bring the hands over head, let the palms meet and slide the shoulders back down and into their joints. The knees should be hip width and the core actively engaging.



Jeramie VaineCamel Variation

On the exhale field goal post the arms, elbows make a 90 degree bend, allow the chest to open and take a soft, gentle back bend.





Jeramie VaineTadasana Variation

Rise back up on the inhale passing the hands down through heart center, the palms will touch and the thumbs connect with the heart center.




Jeramie VaineTabletop Pose with Extended Leg

On the exhale fold down, back into tabletop with the hands below the shoulders, knees under hips. Inhale root down through the left palm and extend the left leg long behind and extend forward through the crown of the head. Reach out through the left heel and let the left toes point down to the earth, keeping the hips level.



Jeramie VaineLow Lunge Variation 

On the exhale step the left leg through, let the toes fall behind the left wrist. Keep the ankle in front of the knee, protecting the knee joint. Swivel the right leg to the left, the shin will be perpendicular to the front foot. Tuck the tailbone underneath, bring the belly button into the spine, engaging the core. The inhale breath, will rise you up, bring the hands to the left knee.



Jeramie VaineModified Warrior II

Ground down through the left foot, right shin and open the arms. Reach the fingertips away from each other, bring the shoulders back into the sockets, keeping the core engaged, this is modified warrior 2.




Jeramie VaineModified Reverse Warrior

Flip the palm of the left hand and rise the fingertips towards the sky. The right hand will slide down the right leg, resting on the right hamstring. The gaze can go up towards the fingers or stay out in front, reverse warrior.




Jeramie VaineModified Warrior II

Come back through Warrior 2 for a complete round of inhale and exhale.




Jeramie VaineModified Extended Side Angle Pose

Bring the left forearm down to the left thigh, let the right hand reach towards the sky. Flip the right palm down towards the earth and let the right bicep drift over the right ear, modified side angle pose.




Jeramie VaineChaturanga Transition

Unwind out of the pose, frame the left foot with the hands.





Jeramie VaineUpward Facing Dog 

Push back into high plank pose, hug the elbows in, exhale slowly lowering down to chaturanga, keeping the elbows at 90 degrees. Flip the toes on the inhale, encourage the chest forward and the arms straight for cobra.




Jeramie VaineChild's Pose

On the exhale push back into child's pose. Let the knee splay open to the sides of the mat and the big toes kiss. The booty will make its way down towards the heels, the forehead/third eye will find the mat.




This sequence can be repeated 3 times and each pose held for 3 to 5 breaths. On the 2nd and 3rd rounds, breath to flow movement can be used, meaning each pose will only be one breath.

The goal for this sequence is to not only build mental confidence but also to warm up the entire body through movement. During this flow the breath, prana, will also help sooth the mind and calming the nervous system. If this flow needs more challenge, bring the sequence to the water for a SUP Yoga experience.

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