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Manduka Yogis All Over The World

Nothing makes us happier than seeing Manduka gear and apparel out in the world. Sweating, breathing, healing and opening possibilities with our international family. At the end of the day, every stitch, every thread and every cell is a conscious choice made for you and for the planet. It’s an honor to be a part of your practice. Here are a few of our friends, from our home base in California to Texas to New York to Berlin to Dubai  - all rocking their practice with their trusted gear to support them. You are #MadeForYoga, thank you for all that you share.


Abby Cross



Double camel in the desert.

Abby Cross
Abu Dhabi





Rachel Mundey



Sun salutations on an eKO Mat.

Rachel Mundey
Santorini, Greece





Sandra Woo

"Here is to all of us turning 25 this year, and finding some sort of direction in our lives be it up, down or upside down… But I hear with enough work it gets better."

Sandra Woo




Danielle Doxsee


“Most people are terrified of letting go. But If we don't let go It will sabotage growth.”

Long Island, New York





Jessamyn Stanley



“If your body is ready, it’ll happen.”

New York, New York
(far from home in Durham, North Carolina)




Hannah Brasacchio



“Sitting on my manduka yoga mat, thinking about how many beautiful people I've met and how much gratitude I have…”

 South West Florida






A Manduka ambassador shows us his oceanfront 'studio' with props and all.

Southern California





Jessica Olie


"The greatest act of courage is to be & own all that you are. Without apology. Without excuses. Without any masks."










The ultimate savasana.

Dallas, Texas






Jeramie Vaine“Patience allows us to receive the great things that are coming our way. Great day getting some salt water therapy in, tomorrow is setting up to be another great one!”

San Onofre State Beach, California






“Back to back sun salutations to welcome summer had me sweating so crazy.”

Berlin, Germany




Duygu Arpacı İlkkurşun




"Forest elegance , the brightness of the sky , waves of power, the voice of nature, breathe and the soil of the valley floor I trust my yoga."

Duygu Arpacı İlkkurşun





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