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Light & Legacy with Heaton Graham

An avid surfer, yoga teacher and dedicated father, Heaton Graham shares how his son has anchored him to the present, and what he hopes to pass on from his practice.

When my son was born I had been going through a very difficult time. We had just moved to a new town with different working and living conditions, and of course, a new child -- a lot of transition. It felt as if a heavy fog were drifting in from the stress and lack of clarity to where I was going.

As my son and I got to know each other though, his presence was like a lighthouse in the middle of that fog. I started to realize that for the rest of my life I would be his Papa. Regardless of any other circumstance, I would have his constant light to help guide me.

Heaton Graham

For me, yoga started as a way to cope with stress. Over time it has transformed into a way to see that light and goodness are always present -- even in the midst of trials. It’s developed a greater understanding of how to love, and my son has helped me to experience that deeper love.

When we do have disagreements, I use my practice to return to my understanding of avidya (ignorance or false perception) and atman (true self) to help me interact with him in a calm and loving manner instead of reactively.

Knowing that conflict is not intrinsically bad, but rather, an opportunity to realign our actions towards a greater purpose guides me as a parent. It’s also the greatest gift I can give to my son. Together we learn that at the root of all difficulties is a deep desire to be loved, to love each other -- and adjust accordingly.

Heaton Graham

Now I just need to figure out how to use those same values of realignment to get him to want to eat something other than pizza :)

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2 thoughts on “Light & Legacy with Heaton Graham”

  • Beautiful post. My two boys are teenagers now and I am often asked how I maintain patience in the face of hormones!I My reply is that they had patience with me when I was learning to be a parent. I feel like those rascals held me and led me through our journey as much as I did for them. Thank goodness my practice kept me steady, stable and ready. Blessings to you Papa.

    • Heaton Graham July 8, 2016 at 3:33 pm

      Thank you so much Michelle! It's wonderful to have those that don't have a filter. They find a way to love us right where we are at and right where they are at. It reminds me that there is a deeper place of love and peace that I can use my practice to reveal. Yoga helps us re-remember over and over again our deeper natural state child like presence. It is so awesome:)


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