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Your Health On The Road with Charlie Marchant

As the summer season approaches, we asked UK based travel blogger Charlie Marchant to share her best tips on staying healthy while making your travels count.

Charlie Marchant

Whether you’re headed to a yoga retreat, music festival or international adventures this summer – be prepared! Long haul flights, cross-country drives and jumping on-and-off trains can leave you feeling tired, unfit and even unhealthy.

As with everything in life, travelers need to find a balance. We need to travel in a way that gives us time to explore, have new experiences and discover new things, but that also allows us the time to think about what we're eating, look after our body and conserve energy when we need to.

Travel Slower

The simplest solution to keeping fit and healthy while traveling is to travel slower. The backpacker lifestyle, blitzing multiple places in the shortest amount of time, isn't a sustainable way of travel – for you or the environment. The slow travel movement – an off-shoot of the 'slow food' movement – is about spending more time in each place you travel to and experiencing local life. It's about taking time to connect with the people and the environment around you.

Charlie Marchant in Granada Spain

Slow Travel Tip! A cheeky slow travel tip for those who have a little more time to spare and are able to travel for longer, is house sitting. Doing so means you have an extended stay in a specific place, giving you time to meet the local community, get the rest your body needs, enjoy home cooked meals and get involved in local fitness classes. We tried an aerial yoga class for the first time while house sitting in Costa Rica.

Set a Morning Routine

It took me a little while to set a morning routine, but it was one of the best decisions I made. Now, instead of accidentally missing a workout or sleeping in longer than my body needs and feeling sluggish, I wake up early to do a short workout session and follow it up with a nourishing breakfast. I find early mornings are always quiet, so your workout doesn't get disturbed.

eKO Superlite

I travel with an eKO Superlite travel mat and a yogitoes towel for better grip. I just roll out the mat wherever I am – on hard floors indoors or outside in the park if the weather is good – and do a sequence of stretches and resistance training. I even know some travelers who carry their yoga mats up mountains for a longer, more peaceful yoga session!

Make your morning routine whatever works for you. If you need a little extra sleep some time, let yourself have it – but when you do get up, follow the same sequence to make sure you don’t skip out on exercise or a healthy meal.

Embrace the Outdoors

The world is full of incredible hikes, walking routes and cycle paths. Often, you can even find routes in close proximity to cities.

Even if you're just exploring around a city or town, go by foot or rent a bicycle instead of taking a taxi. If you’re super organized, grab a map before you head out and plot a walking route around the city. If you like going off-piste, then get up into the mountains, a forest, or onto the beach!

Charlie Marchant at Montserrat

If you're even more adventurous, look out for different activities like kayaking, bouldering, rock climbing, river tracing or even volcano boarding. There are a lot of unique activities out there and often locals or other travelers in the area can point you in the right direction.

Keep hydrated! Don’t forget to drink water regularly, especially when exercising. I carry a reusable water bottle that I can refill as I go. It saves on plastic waste and means you’re always consciously looking out for your next water refill.

Eat Mindfully

When you’re traveling, it can be tempting to throw away all your good eating habits and go a bit YOLO for street food and sweets. Too many deep fried or sugary foods aren't great for your body, so take it easy.

Fortunately though, there are loads of regional specialties that are healthy and delicious too – you just need to keep an eye open for them. It’s not uncommon to see “tourist food” being cooked up by locals who then just eat rice and veg for lunch. Look and see what foods locals are actually eating, and where.

Charlie Marchant in Costa Rica

Take some time to cook in too. Many travelers find that eating out can cause them to stray away from healthy eating habits that they usually have at home. Remedy that by grabbing some fresh, local produce and cooking in your hostel kitchen or house sit. If you don't have any kitchen facilities, you can still picnic on fresh fruits and put together a simple salad.

Charlie Marchant at Sweet Greens Cafe

Healthy Eating Travel Tip! If you know it's going to be tough to find healthy, wholesome food options because you're going to be stuck on a bus or out in the middle of nowhere, prep ahead. I love making these 5-ingredient granola slices, raw energy balls with oats and peanut butter, or even chopping up some veggies to go with hummus.

Sleep Well

Depriving your body of sleep is a rocky road that you don’t want to go down – and one of the major causes of travel burnout. Not having enough sleep is bad for your health, not to mention that it makes you grumpy. If you doubt me, then give Freakonomics podcast on the economics of sleep a listen.

Take care to have a regular sleep pattern as often as you can. When traveling there will of course be times when you find yourself hard-pressed to get a good night’s sleep, whether that’s because of early flights, noisy places or whatever else.

I always look for accommodation that’s located in a quiet area, avoiding party hostels at all costs. Airbnb apartments and house sitting can feel like a ‘home away from home’ and help you to get a good night’s shut-eye, with the added bonus that they tend to be in a more residential area.

yogitoes Waterfall Midnight


Psst! Don’t forget that regular exercise improves sleep. Maybe zone out with a calming yoga sequence before bed.

How do you keep fit and stay healthy while travelling? I’d love to hear about your travel exercises and yoga routines. Comment below and let me know!

Charlie Marchant is a travel blogger who writes about sustainable, slow travel. She’s an environmentally conscious, vegetarian traveler who is mindful about what she eats and how her actions affect the world. Explore the world with her on Facebook.

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  • I'd love to know the recipe to the lovely salad or at least the ingredients. Thank you

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