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Festival Packing with Sesa O'Connor

Sesa O'ConnorSesa O’Connor: LA based yoga teacher, mother, surfer and Wanderluster.

05132016-XX-XXXX-Lifestyle-1338If you just bought tickets to your first yoga festival you might be wondering what to pack. We chatted with Manduka Ambassador Sesa O’Connor to get the best tips for yogis -- because the only thing worse than overpacking is forgetting an essential behind!

Sesa's Must Have Yoga Festival Gear:

eKO Superlite
eKO Superlite

"Perfect lightweight travel mat for yoga classes in the grass, or in carpeted rooms. It even folds to fit easily into a purse or backpack."


"If you have more space available in your luggage, I personally love having a thicker mat.”


The Onesie


The Onesie
“My absolute favorite – comfortable enough to do yoga in, but also a fun option to dress up for a concert.”

Hiking Shoes
“Many festivals are on sites that have beautiful areas to go out, escape and get lost in nature. Bring some comfortable hiking shoes to take advantage of the views! Wanderlust in particular has a self-guided meditation hike which I highly suggest.”


Rugged Roll TopLightweight Yoga bag
“If you’re a lightweight traveler, or need an extra bag to bring along on hikes, this will do the trick.”

“Especially recommended if you’re camping and need to get up early to catch a class. You’ll sleep peacefully with tunes in your ear, even if the party is still raging outside."

Travel Shampoo and Conditioner
“Even if you’re camping, most campgrounds have showers. I don’t know about you, but 3-4 days of yoga without a shower is pretty intense!”


eQua Mat Towel
eQua Mat Towel
“You will need one if you sweat as much as me! Use it for yoga, or as a travel towel. The soft microfibers in this towel make it compact to fold, and quick-dry."

“I love me some Vitamin D, but even I know when to much is too much.”


Flux Legging

Flux Legging
“Can’t get enough of that wrap detail!”


Tribal Body Markers
“A fun little addition to adorn yourself or those you meet as you build your festival tribe.”


"Very important for SUP yoga and pool parties!”


Reusable Water BottleStainless Steel Water Bottle
“The friendliest hydration option for mama earth.”

Clothes for Concerts, Dinners and Other Outings
“Because surprisingly, a yoga festival isn’t just yoga.”


Cross Strap Bra

Cross Strap Bra

“I’m super into strappy bras that let my back breathe in the heat. This one is also incredibly supportive.”

“For any workshops or journaling to document your experience.”



Remember to not get caught up with the details, and let yourself indulge in the experience. Most importantly, bring an open heart and open mind.

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