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#MadeForYoga | Your Stories of Transformation

Your story matters. Not just because it’s yours, but because all of us can relate, learn, be inspired and be empowered by your experience. So we’re collecting and sharing stories about your yoga practice: how did you find your practice and what transformed in your life when you did? 

We’ve been reading your stories from all over Instagram and through email. They’re amazing. We are all #MadeForYoga, and if you’d like to join us, this is the last week that sharing your story could win you a suite of Manduka gear and apparel that’s as Made For Yoga as you are (more info at the bottom of this page).

This week we got an email from Michaela Codding at Windsor Yoga House. You might recognize some of yourself in her story:


Michaela CoddingMichaela Codding

I started practicing yoga to de-stress while raising my two kids who at that time were 11 and 9.

I was craving some me-time and noticed immediately how much easier it was to breathe through difficult mom moments. My kids would notice, because rather than blowing up I would stay calm. The ability to take a deep breath got me through some of the challenges of teenage-hood.

I loved the way my body felt when I practiced. I had been a runner and everything was tight. My low back was constantly out of whack because my hamstrings and hip flexors were so tight. Yoga helped me build strength and flexibility and relieved my back pain.

About a year after I started practicing I attended my first teacher training and immediately knew that I wanted to open my own studio to share this amazing practice with as many people as possible and did so 3 years later.

My practice has taught me love and compassion for myself as well as the people around me. It has helped me to develop patience and to find balance through rocky times.

A year ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and even though my physical practice is nothing like it used to be, after surgery, chemo and radiation, the practice of breath, focus and equanimity is always available to me.

Michaela is #MadeForYoga and so are you!

We would love to hear your story of transformation, how you found the practice and what changed when you did. In honor of our new Made For Yoga apparel collection, we will be choosing a few yogis to win a suite of gear including our new apparel.  Enter on Instagram by using #MadeForYoga and tagging @MandukaYoga in the caption. If you would like, you can also send us an email to - include a photo if you can!

We’ll thank 10 yogis who share their stories with a suite of Manduka gear and apparel that’s Made For Yoga. One story per yogi please, we’ll select winners on March 20th, and share many more with the community throughout the month. We look forward to hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “#MadeForYoga | Your Stories of Transformation”

  • My Manduka Mat has saved my life for the last 3 years! It is my magic carpet ride through countless hours of yoga + meditation!

    I. Can. Not. Live. Without.

  • I was house bound. Bound by GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder and depression.Suddenly and franticly my world was shrinking. Through meditation and pranayama my internal world kept growing. Learning to meditate and practice prana Yama, and asana slowly I gained the livlyhood that allowed me to step out side after 2 mounths shut in to go see a dr. About my issues.II have always loved yoga but now that it helps me over come GAD and depression I love yoga with a passion to keep coming back to the mat.

  • I am so blessed to start my yoga lessons. I feel so happy right now.
    I am happy to make my world grow through meditation and pranayama. Your blog gives me an inspiration.


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