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#MadeForYoga - Share Your Story


We’d like to hear your story. We’d like everyone to hear it. Because there are people out there who are right where you were, unsure about whether yoga is right for them. When you share your story, you can inspire new yogis to join us on the mat and explore how they are Made For Yoga too.

How did you come to yoga? And what transformed in your life when you found your practice?

Share your story on Instagram using #MadeForYoga and tagging @MandukaYoga in the caption. If you're more comfortable you can also send us an email to - include a photo if you can!

In honor of our new Made For Yoga apparel collection, we will be choosing a few yogis to win a suite of gear including our new apparel that is as Made for Yoga as you are. One story per yogi please, we’ll select winners on March 20th, and share many more with the community throughout the month.

You are Made For Yoga. We all are. Inspire the practice. Start sharing.


18 thoughts on “#MadeForYoga - Share Your Story”

  • Yoga saved my life from depression, anxiety, my divorce and my fathers death all in one year. If it wasn't for my fierce devotion to self through yoga, I would be dead somewhere. I created my company Om & Roam to encourage people to take time out of their lives to honor themselves. Oh and I became a yoga teacher as well. Namaste, Marni

  • Yoga makes me feel able. It helps me to realize that I can do it, that there is o room for can't in my life. I love life and I love yoga. When I was 17 years old I had to have both my hips replaced due to side effects of medication I received for a bone marrow transplant. I lived my life in fear (and still struggle but will always fight). I discovered dance but my flexablity wasn't much and I doubted my movements. So I starting doing yoga once a week, then twice a week and the more I sweated the more the fear dissolved the stronger I was in my movement. I learned what positions I could do and the ones I needed to modify......kind of like life. I love yoga

  • I posted this on my IG: briannayoga_
    Share your story.

    I started my yoga journey in June 2015. It was not until October that I truly began the Ashtanga method led by the beautiful and inspiring @kinoyoga. Before I met her, I lived far away from home. I was depressed, lonely, and I hated myself and my body. I was treated with so much disrespect. But, I got out. I came back home and I decided to finally practice yoga. After three months, my confidence was at its highest. I loved myself again. And I loved life again. My instagram account became my journey to share with others and inspire along the way.

    After I met Kino, I was blessed to be able to become her student. I knew the moment I saw her walk into the yoga class, I was to learn from her. Kino knew from the moment she met Sri K. Pattabhi Jois that he was her Guruji. The same happened to me and will happen again when I meet Sharath in Miami this summer.

    Kerri Verna, @beachyogagirl, helped me hear God's voice in a meditation. I heard a simple phrase that changed my life. She is a blessing. And I will forever be grateful for her guidance.
    I hear stories all the time about how yoga saved their life from depression or from other circumstances. Yes, yoga changed my life. But did it save me? I honestly do not know. I feel as if the community of becoming a practicing yogi saved me. I was immediately loved and cared about by so many. I talk to my yoga family every single day. I get to meet these wonderful and inspiring people in Miami this summer. You saved me. All of you saved me. My religion saved me. My practice saved me.

    Why? Because I finally feel peaceful with my life.
    I knew from the moment I heard the opening prayer of Ashtanga that I was #madeforyoga. My purpose on this Earth is to practice, learn, and teach yoga. My purpose is to share my story, progress, and journey of yoga to whomever wants to learn about it. I'm just a college student earning her bachelor's degree in Psychology who someday wants to make a difference in the world one person at a time.

    Thank you @mandukayoga for the chance to share my story.


  • Sixteen years ago, my nephew, who is now 17 years old, was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening disease called Hunter Syndrome (Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II). It's a condition that affects the skeletal and muscular systems and can cause dwarfism, enlarged organs, lack of walking and talking, living life from a G-tube and a reduced life span.

    After hearing this, my life suddenly came to a halt. I felt my heart literally break and in this process my life changed significantly. Until then, I didn't think that anything like this could present itself in my life. This was a traumatic situation and a rude awakening that affected our family drastically.

    I was physically and emotionally affected from this life-changing experience. The feeling of being happy was gone. I became very depressed for many months to follow knowing that a small child—my own flesh and blood—had a horrific disease with no cure. Life sucked for me at that moment and I couldn’t spark a smile for months to follow.

    We literally take life for granted and then suddenly something so tragic lands on your door step. I became angry, sad, confused, pissed off, depressed... so many emotions intertwined into the fabric of my being.

    Then... I met yoga. Having a background of several years in the fitness industry, I thought what the hey.... lets add another certification under my belt. And so, I began my adventure into the yoga world. I was automatically drawn to this yoga thing. There was something magical and special about it. As I began to tap deeper into the yogic lifestyle, I started to accept things more gracefully and I began my healing process. I began to move forward along this halt of a ride I was on. I started feeling happier, I started to smile again and I accepted things more easily.

    The weaving of meditation, the tuning inwards, the discipline of the asanas (postures), along with this life-giving breath has sparked the Light inside me once again.

    Yoga has a magical quality and I experience it daily. I now own my own studio, Namaste Yoga, and I love sharing the art of yoga with all. I have seen my students let go and begin to heal from whatever traumatic life experience they have confronted.

    If you're thinking of plunging into the ocean of yoga, I say go for it! Dive deep and immerse yourself. Enjoy the ride and allow this mindful practice to bring you to a state of being happy for no reason at all.

    Yoga taught me to be more grateful on a daily basis for all the smaller things in my life and I have finally come to the agreement to accept things in a calmer manner.

    Thank you yoga for getting me through this crazy, unexpected life journey and experience.

    I’m happy being me now, once again.



    If pic is needed let me know
    Thank you kindly

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    • Susan Sterlace Sellers February 26, 2016 at 9:00 pm

      My yoga story...I fell in love with yoga the first time I stepped on a mat. It took a few months for me to realize that the flow of yoga was actually helping me grow and get to know my genuine self. I started taking better care of myself, became mindful and started developing relationships that were more honest and meaningful. I began listening the universe and honoring my heart and my breath. After many years of practice and driving all over California I found myself in the back row of a studio with a teacher that I was thrilled to finally practice with, my experience was not what dreams were made of. As the space started to fill she said to another student "There is space next to the big girl in the back of the room." He started walking over toward me and I realized that I was the "big girl" she had talked about. Class started and my asana was great. My backbends were flawless and I was flying. At the end of class the teacher walked over, told me I had a lovely practice and started talking to me. I was a little starstruck, and yet I found my voice "Thank you, guess it wasn't so bad for the big girl in the back of the room." We stood there for a moment, they apologized and I thanked them. I also thanked them for giving me the push that I needed to become an instructor, to share my practice and not allow anyone feel like "the big girl" in the back of the room. I rolled up my mat, found my first, of many, teacher training's and have been teaching ever since. In my ever changing world, yoga is my constant.

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  • Yoga changed my life in so many ways. I started doing yoga and in a few months I lost 20 pounds, felt better about myself, had more energy and stamina. Four months after starting yoga I decided to become a teacher. At our graduation celebration I got married and a week later we moved to Costa Rica to start a retreat center. That's the short version.

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  • Gosh, I think it has been about three years ago when I became curious about yoga...via a short video on You Tube by Tara Stiles. What I was hearing with regard to the benefits physically (flexibility) and mentally fascinated me. So after practicing along with a few short videos I decided to purchase Elena Brower's A.M./P.M. Yoga for Beginners DVD set. Long-story short, I loved how my body felt and my state of mind after each practice. A few months later, I upped the ante upon discovering Ashley Turner's Power Yoga DVD, which totally kicked my butt in the onset.

    In time, I became more aware of the spiritual and psychological benefits with my practices upon noticing how I was better able to deal with frustrating/difficult situations, circumstances...and people by learning to not resist and control, but to relax, release, and love. The state of my physical body in the various poses was a reflection of my state in life. The deeper purposes in every experience/encounter (whether good or bad) came with greater clarity. So as I became stronger and more flexible on the mat, the same was also occurring in my life (off the mat).

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