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Koya Webb's Story of Healing

Everyone’s journey with the practice is different. This is Koya’s:

9 thoughts on “Koya Webb's Story of Healing”

  • Blessings and thank you for this inspirational piece. I am a DJ and a Yoga Teacher based in the DC area, this was just what I needed... I much gratitude, I thank you. Namasté.

  • What a beautiful story! I have followed Koya Webb on Instagram for a few years. Her postures are strong yet feminine and beautiful. I was nice to hear her voice and story. She is an inspiration.

  • Beautiful story. I had a similar experience, I got introduced to yoga after suffering an immense pain in my back due to a herniated disk. Yoga has brought to my life a healing power in all aspects of my life, mentally and physically.

  • That was a beautiful video. Very elegant in your poses. Inspirational! I love it!

  • Thank you so much for sharing! Your story is inspiring and I have new aspirations for what to gain from practicing Yoga! May God continue to Bless You!

  • Koya, what a beautiful witness you are to the power of the mind, body, spirit connection. You are certainly a blessing to many. I would love to know what brand of pants and top you are wearing... you are just lovely.

    Thank you,

  • So Inspiring!

    The physical practice is small against the spiritual and forever life changes as a result of Yoga practice.

    I'm so glad that you're a Teacher... Much like my blessing of a Yogi here.

    Thank you so much for beautiful You ❤️

  • Great testimonial to the reality of yoga. Thank you ! I know it's working for me. In the year and one half I've been going to practice, the hip that has bothered me since I was about 14 or so from two falls on hard flooring, then on packed ice the next day has been virtually pain free and somewhat smaller. I never thought that could or would happen! And that's just one great thing this 59 year old man's body is experiencing! And the black mat pro really helps so much! Many blessings to all !!!!!! Kurt...


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