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Something New, Inspired by the Practice


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6 thoughts on “Something New, Inspired by the Practice”

  • John Wallingford January 28, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Can't wait! Your products are always awesome! What I like best is your commitment to earth friendly products; I trust the new line will be no exception. Namaste!

  • I have a Manduka mat that I treated myself to when I started teacher training. I love it so much! I am 65 years old and a size 14. I teach and practice power yoga. I am distressed that most name brand yoga clothiers do not carry clothes in my size. I can wear a Lululemon 12 in high rise and I have some short-sleeved tops from Athleta. Otherwise, not so much on the quality clothing. Most yogis I know who are my size or larger find clothes at WalMart or Target that don't hold up as well or have the performance qualities a person who practices a lot would like to have. It would be so awesome if you would recognize that yogis come in all shapes and sizes and that all of us would like great clothes in awesome styles. Yoga to the people!

    • Dear Katherine,

      Thank you for voicing this very important conversation. Our line was intentionally designed to fit and support the practice of yoga – and of course we understand that yogis come in a beautiful variety of sizes. We have built a wide selection of sizes for different bodies from size extra small to extra large. We do hope you find something you feel comfortable in and most importantly, inspires you to practice. If the line does not serve your needs and support your practice, please send your feedback to so we can log this information and share with our design team. We take all of these comments to heart and use them to inform every product.

  • Excited to see what's new in yoga apparel.

  • You have to be xtra small to fit into any yoga clothing
    It's disheartening not to be able to buy any apt clothing like anyone else
    We are not all teenagers or in our twentys and size 10
    Tracy White

    • Thank you for participating in this important discussion, Tracy. We hope our inaugural apparel collection will support yogis of many different shapes and sizes. Our initial line will range from extra small to extra large; if this selection does not serve your needs or inspire your practice, please send you feedback to We are always happy to hear our customer's experience and share this information with our design team.


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