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Yogi of the Week: Bob

Meet Bob.

He first tried yoga as a Valentine’s Day gift for his life partner. She gave him a mat and simply requested that he go with her to a yoga class. For Bob, this was not easy because the idea was so foreign and so far out of his comfort zone. In those first few classes he felt off-balance in so many ways, but he embraced the challenge and the spirit of the journey.

In the beginning, as a man immersed in a new culture, Bob’s ego worked hard and often with force - mind, breath, and muscles all trembling to try to reach the “perfect pose”. Then one day, while holding a pose for what seemed like an eternity, it all fell calmly into place. With a feeling of ease, Bob lost the judgment. In that moment, Bob’s breath and body fused together, and he let go of the idea that he needed to reach the pose in a picture-perfect way, and with that he found his own practice.

Practice On.


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