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  • Get Ready for SUP Yoga, At Home

    Jeramie Vaine, @jvaine1, is a Professional Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Athlete, 200-hour Power Yoga certified teacher, and SUP Yoga instructor. He’s currently traveling the world with Wanderlust Festivals and clinics around the globe, bringing his passions to paddlers everywhere.

    This asana series was designed to bring a fun, safe and calming practice to the water for Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. However the poses are for any level of yoga practitioner and can be added to any daily practice, on or off the water.

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  • Learn to Love Backbends With Jessamyn Stanley

    Ahhh, backbends... The ultimate cure for hunched-at-your-desk-all-day posture, but where to start?  Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn), yoga teacher, body advocate and all around dynamo personality talks us through four supported poses to experience a truly heart-opening practice. 

    You’ll need: a supportive yoga mat and two blocks. (We suggest the Manduka PRO and our Recycled Foam Blocks.)

    First let’s be clear: using props isn’t a sign of weakness. They’re great tools for deepening your practice and they allow us to modify and open in places the body isn’t used to. They’re amazing for rooting down, opening the chest and back, and supporting core strength. For backbends, I have blocks next to me at all times.

    Jessamyn Stanley

    Begin with one block supporting the upper back between the shoulder blades. You can place it horizontally or vertically, whichever feels best for you. Let your neck relax down onto the mat, and allow your arms and knees to fall away from the center of the body. Stay here for a few breaths, allowing the heart to open. When you’re done here, remove the block.

    Next we move to bridge pose with the blocks. The block will help you root down, and offer support to your core strength.

    Jessamyn Stanley

    Root down through the feet, start to lift the pelvis up, and slide a block underneath your sacrum. Let the shoulders rock down to the mat. Draw your knees together, aligning the knee over the ankle. Root in through the shoulders and let the backs of your arms anchor on the mat. The back of the throat melts down to the ground, the neck relaxes, and the chin starts to drift away from the heart. Ahhhhhhhhh...

    To go deeper, keep the block under your sacrum and root down while lifting the left leg through the midline of the body, towards the sky, and flex your toes at the top. Stay here for a few breaths and allow the legs to drain. Switch sides and do the same with the right leg. Lift the right left towards the sky, making sure toes are flexed and stay here for a few breaths. You can even lift both legs over head at the same time, again, rooted down through the back of your arms, shoulders rolled down to the mat, neck relaxed, with the chin drifting lightly away from the chest. Come down and rest for a few breaths.

    This is dope because you’re setting yourself up for the pelvic raise needed to move into back bends. Backbends require a lot of core strength, so blocks will support the core as you lead up to full back bend.

    Jessamyn Stanley

    The blocks under the hands in wheel pose can give you really helpful additional height. Backbends can be hard on your wrists, so this is nice to set up to work to get your head up off the ground. If you’re near a wall, it’s great to set the short side of the block up against the wall for anchoring.

    Set your hands up on the block, fingertips pointed toward your heels. Rooting through the hands and feet, imagine there is a string pulling your pelvis to the sky. Lift up through the pelvis, arch the back, and anchor down through those blocks. Play around here, come down, and try the process again, arching your back and lifting your head, to work up to a full backbend. When you feel ready, remove the blocks, root down through the feet and hands and lift your core to the sky.

    Remember: wherever you are today, that’s the place to be. Keep an open mind, an open heart and an open back.

    Jessamyn Stanley

    Jessamyn Stanley, seen above exploring backbends with the help of our AligN Yoga Strap, began practicing four years ago in her hometown of Durham, North Carolina. She now travels the world teaching yoga and inspiring others to ask “How Do I Feel?” rather than “How Do I Look?” 

  • Manduka Yogis All Over The World

    Nothing makes us happier than seeing Manduka gear and apparel out in the world. Sweating, breathing, healing and opening possibilities with our international family. At the end of the day, every stitch, every thread and every cell is a conscious choice made for you and for the planet. It’s an honor to be a part of your practice. Here are a few of our friends, from our home base in California to Texas to New York to Berlin to Dubai  - all rocking their practice with their trusted gear to support them. You are #MadeForYoga, thank you for all that you share.


    Abby Cross



    Double camel in the desert.

    Abby Cross
    Abu Dhabi





    Rachel Mundey



    Sun salutations on an eKO Mat.

    Rachel Mundey
    Santorini, Greece





    Sandra Woo

    "Here is to all of us turning 25 this year, and finding some sort of direction in our lives be it up, down or upside down… But I hear with enough work it gets better."

    Sandra Woo




    Danielle Doxsee


    “Most people are terrified of letting go. But If we don't let go It will sabotage growth.”

    Long Island, New York





    Jessamyn Stanley



    “If your body is ready, it’ll happen.”

    New York, New York
    (far from home in Durham, North Carolina)




    Hannah Brasacchio



    “Sitting on my manduka yoga mat, thinking about how many beautiful people I've met and how much gratitude I have…”

     South West Florida






    A Manduka ambassador shows us his oceanfront 'studio' with props and all.

    Southern California





    Jessica Olie


    "The greatest act of courage is to be & own all that you are. Without apology. Without excuses. Without any masks."










    The ultimate savasana.

    Dallas, Texas






    Jeramie Vaine“Patience allows us to receive the great things that are coming our way. Great day getting some salt water therapy in, tomorrow is setting up to be another great one!”

    San Onofre State Beach, California






    “Back to back sun salutations to welcome summer had me sweating so crazy.”

    Berlin, Germany




    Duygu Arpacı İlkkurşun




    "Forest elegance , the brightness of the sky , waves of power, the voice of nature, breathe and the soil of the valley floor I trust my yoga."

    Duygu Arpacı İlkkurşun





    Do you practice with Manduka? Share your moments with us using #Manduka and #MadeForYoga. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

  • Flow to Harness Your Summer Potential

    By: Steph Gongora @casa_colibri

    Steph Gongora

    Spending time in the summer sun leaves me feeling radiant, healthy, and spirited; warmed from the inside out. It’s the perfect time to embrace the season and cultivate a little inner fire of our own.

    Our third chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus is aptly named the ‘fire center’ of the body. Located around the navel, it is where we digest life, both literally and figuratively, and where we house our self-confidence, determination, purpose, and direction. Today, harness that energy by kick-starting your practice with this mini flow, focused on your solar plexus:

    Activated Belly Breathing

    Start lying on your back, knees bent to 90* with shins parallel to the mat and feet flexed. Using 20-25% power, press the palms of the hands into the thighs, thighs pressing back into the hands to turn on the low belly. Keeping the pressure between hands and thighs, begin belly breathing, feeling it balloon up with every inhale and sink back toward the spine on each exhale.

    Rec: 3 sets of 10 slow, complete breaths

    Steph Gongora

    Boat Pose – Paripurna Navasana

    Rounding the back, hands on the shins, rock back and forth gently along the spine until you come to rest on the sit bones, legs still lifted. Straighten the spine, thinking length up through the sit bones and out through the crown. Arms extend out in front, and legs can stay bent with shins parallel to the mat, or extend upward at a 45* angle, creating an elongated V shape.

    Rec: 3 sets of 5 breaths

    Steph Gongora

    Hovering Table Top – Beast Pose

    From Boat Pose, bend the knees, cross the ankles, and roll over the legs into table top position, shoulders over wrists, hips over knees. Walk the knees in 3-4 inches toward the hands and flex the feet firmly, bringing all 10 toes onto the ground, shins are lifted. Firm the core (remember to breath), and lift the knees 2 inches off the ground, supporting the body on the hands and toes, thinking length from the crown of the head out through the sit bones.

    Rec: 3 sets of 8 breaths

    Steph Gongora

    Twisted Child’s Pose

    Lower the knees, untuck the toes, and send the sit bones back to the heels, widening the knees slightly to bring the belly down to the thighs for Child’s Pose. Stay here or lift the shoulder girdle up slightly to slide the right arm between the left hand and left knee and then all the way over to the left, palm facing up. Pull navel to the spine to deepen the twist at the belly, and try to keep the weight on both sit bones even.

    Rec: 10 breaths per side

    Steph Gongora

     Sphinx Pose – Salamba Bhujangasana

    Untwist the arms and slither forward onto the belly, bringing the legs together so that the big toe mounds touch. Prop yourself up on the forearms, taking care to make them parallel with elbows close to the low ribs. Lift the knees, press the pubic bone down slightly, tone the navel, and draw the shoulder blades together and lightly down the back.

    Rec: 2 x 10 breaths

    Steph Gongora

    Belly Down Savasana

    From Sphinx pose, bring the arms down along the sides, palms up or down, and rest either cheek gently on the ground. Close the eyes, allow the breathing to return to normal, and imagine yourself sinking heavy into the mat as the fire you created deep in your belly dissipates into warm stillness and contentment.

    Rec: 3-5 minutes

    Steph Gongora

    Hope this flow brings you the strength to walk off the mat empowered to take on the world with self-confidence and radiance.

    Steph Gongora (@casa_colbiri) is a certified yoga and aerial teacher currently based in Austin, TX. When she isn’t doing yoga, she enjoys reading, writing, the great outdoors, and spending time with her little family.

  • Mindfulness on the Field with Coach George Lombard

    Sometimes you find yoga in unexpected places. After seeing the Dodger's first base coach, George Lombard, practice on our Manduka PRO mat at Dodger Stadium, we couldn't wait to hear how his practice translates onto the field -- and off. First drafted as a player to the Atlanta Braves in 1994, his extensive career in professional baseball has transformed him from a student to a teacher. Who knew coaching baseball and teaching yoga had so much in common?

    Dodger coach George Lombard participates in Yoga Day on the field after the game. Jill Weisleder/Dodgers

    What was your first experience with yoga?
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  • Finding Your Edge with CEO Sky Meltzer

    What do leading a company, practicing yoga, and raising children have in common? Just about everything, actually. We sat down with our CEO, Sky Meltzer, to hear what a little presence and breath can accomplish on the mat, in business and beyond.

    Sky Meltzer

    Since it is Father's Day, can you tell us a little about your kids?

    Yes, of course. My favorite topic! My daughter is four and her name is Luciana. She is a master storyteller. She loves reading, dancing, and singing – and is just very bright and free-spirited. Continue reading

  • Light & Legacy with Heaton Graham

    An avid surfer, yoga teacher and dedicated father, Heaton Graham shares how his son has anchored him to the present, and what he hopes to pass on from his practice.

    When my son was born I had been going through a very difficult time. We had just moved to a new town with different working and living conditions, and of course, a new child -- a lot of transition. It felt as if a heavy fog were drifting in from the stress and lack of clarity to where I was going.

    As my son and I got to know each other though, his presence was like a lighthouse in the middle of that fog. I started to realize that for the rest of my life I would be his Papa. Regardless of any other circumstance, I would have his constant light to help guide me.

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  • Come Back to Your Mat with Claire Fountain

    By: Claire Fountain @cbquality

    5---Claire-FB-linkOne of the first memories of yoga I have is in my childhood room, rolling out a red yoga mat on the carpet. Sure, it rippled and slipped and slid all around but it was a where I could practice, or try to. I got into yoga as a teen for depression and anxiety, and just having a mat made it feel more real to me. Continue reading

  • Your Health On The Road with Charlie Marchant

    As the summer season approaches, we asked UK based travel blogger Charlie Marchant to share her best tips on staying healthy while making your travels count.

    Charlie Marchant

    Whether you’re headed to a yoga retreat, music festival or international adventures this summer – be prepared! Continue reading

  • Festival Packing with Sesa O'Connor

    Sesa O'ConnorSesa O’Connor: LA based yoga teacher, mother, surfer and Wanderluster.

    05132016-XX-XXXX-Lifestyle-1338If you just bought tickets to your first yoga festival (or are trying to win some) you might be wondering what to pack. We chatted with Manduka Ambassador Sesa O’Connor to get the best tips for yogis -- because the only thing worse than overpacking is forgetting an essential behind! Continue reading