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  • 8 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Home Yoga Practice

    Developing a home yoga routine can be daunting. Finding the time and space to show up on your mat each day is challenging, especially when you're used to the structure of an in-person yoga class.


    But learning how to practice yoga at home allows you the space to really listen to your body and its needs, without the temptation of playing a comparison game with neighboring yogis.


    More often than not, the biggest hurdle is simply showing up. The remaining steps? We’ve outlined them below to help get you started. Practice On.



    1. Get Online

    Make use of the many resources out there. Online yoga classes are a great way to get started on your home yoga journey, providing just enough structure and routine to build up confidence to “go it alone”. And with a range of different lengths, styles and levels to choose from, there’s always a class to fit your needs.


    1. Create the Right Space

    Creating an inspiring space for your practice is crucial. Find somewhere open and clutter-free that creates a feeling of ‘space’. Outfit that space with props that make you feel comfortable and supported. We love blankets and blocks for home practices.


    1. Find Your Soul Mat

    The cornerstone of your practice should be a mat that suits your needs and personal style. We love our PRO mats, especially the PRO Squared (if you can fit it!) Confused on which mat is best for you? Take our quiz!


    1. Be Selfish

    Take the time to tap into how you’re feeling. No two practices are going to be the same. Some days, you’ll want a stronger, longer practice; others, you might just want to do a few Sun Salutations and lie in Savasana.  Allow yourself the flexibility to feel what you and your body really need.


    1. Welcome The Resistance

    Resistance is part of life. Embrace it, rather than punishing yourself with it. The most important thing is that you make it to the mat, whether it’s for 5 minutes or 50 minutes. Respect and appreciate where you’re at in your practice.


    1. Start Small

    It can take a while for a new commitment to turn into a habit.  Respect that, and start with just a few minutes, working up to a longer practice when it feels comfortable.


    1. Phone = Off

    This is YOUR time, and don’t let anyone or anything take it from you. If you're joining Yogaia classes from your phone, make sure to turn off all notifications so your class doesn't get interrupted.


    1. Forgive, Forget & Carry On

    Falling off the wagon is normal – so don’t beat yourself up about it! Just be sure to get right back on and reward yourself that you did.


    Ready to start your home practice AND give back to a great cause? With a minimum $10 donation to project:OM, we’re giving you 30 days of Yogaia, an online live-streamed yoga platform. All proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen in the fight against breast cancer.


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  • The Ultimate Yoga Guide for Beginners

    Starting something new can be scary, and finding yourself in a yoga studio as a beginner is no exception. With unfamiliar names for poses and even stranger-sounding Sanskrit words, being a new yogi can often feel like learning a new language.

    That's why it's important to make sure you start your yoga journey with a class structured specifically for beginners. Yoga for Beginners (Level 1) classes start with the absolute basics, structuring sequences in an easy-to-follow way, even for someone with no idea what Downward-Facing Dog means.

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  • How Manduka Founder Peter Sterios Built The Best Mat in The World


    In 1997, the Internet was just getting started (less than 2% of the world’s population were users), the first social media platform was launched (but, let's be honest, no one knew what to do with it) and Amazon was only 4 years old, primarily selling books and DVDs.


    20 years later, all of those things are very alive and well...and so is Manduka’s signature yoga mat, the Black Mat PRO. In 1997, the yoga landscape was a very different place, where 60’s-era refugees and martial arts students gathered in small studios to practice on makeshift mats often made of cut-up pieces of carpet underlayment (true story).

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  • We're in This Together

    Our beloved community of yogis goes beyond the studio – it spans the nation and the globe. Harvey and Irma's affect on our community has broken our hearts, which leads us to the question: What can we do to help?


    Manduka has committed to helping studios in need hit by the hurricane with replacement yoga mats for those that have become lost or damaged. We truly believe that the power of yoga provides a sense of self and strength, especially in times of uncertainty.

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  • Take Only What You Need: A Yogi's Guide to Festival Packing

    Lauren Matters (@laurenmattersyoga) and Daniel Scott (@danielscottyoga) are a traveling yogi power couple who pack light and show up ready to rock at festivals, conferences and events around the world. So…who better to share a few tips on how to pack like a yoga rockstar?

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  • Slipping on your yoga mat?

    If you sweat during practice or find yourself slipping on your mat, we always recommend a towel to help absorb your sweat.

    Our yoga towels are sweat activated- the more you sweat, the more they grip. A yoga towel is the perfect accessory for any yogi or fitness guru.


    Recommended Gear

    yogitoes Yoga Towels | Manduka yogitoes Yoga Towels
    eQua Yoga Towels | Manduka eQua Yoga Towels
    eQua Hold Yoga Towels| Manduka eQua Hold Yoga Towels


  • Sore wrists while on your yoga mat?

    Try using the tips of your fingers as support, rather than the palms of your hand. Practicing on a dense yoga mat may help as well.

    We offer a range of mats with top-of-the-line cushioning and joint-protecting density. Manduka PRO is the thickest mat we make.


    Recommended Gear

    Extra Thick Yoga Mats | Manduka PRO Yoga Mats
    Thick Yoga Mats | Manduka PROlite Yoga Mats
    Cushiony Rubber Yoga Mats| Manduka eKO Yoga Mats
  • Beginner Yoga Flow


    This beginner flow is designed for all levels, with beginners in mind.

    25 minutes | Sara Quiriconi


    Gear Used in This Video:

    yogitoes Yoga Towels | Manduka yogitoes Yoga Towels
    Flux Legging | Manduka Flux Legging
    Libertine Bralette| Manduka Libertine Bralette
  • Yoga For Athletes


    Yoga For Athletes is a great warm up, cool down and recovery session for all athletes and yoga practitioners.

    42 minutes | Ryanne Cunningham


    Gear Used in This Video:

    PRO Yoga Mats | Manduka PRO Yoga Mats
    Yoga Blocks | Manduka Yoga Blocks
    Women's Leggings| Manduka Women's Leggings
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    That’s not good enough for Todd McCullough, founder of TMAC Fitness. He wants to know WHY his clients want to be in shape. And that’s when, he says, things start to get interesting.

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