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Connect. Inspire. Practice. The Manduka Ambassador Program
Jeramie Vaine
San Clemente, CA
SUP Yoga Floating Studio
CorePower, Yoga 200-hour Power Yoga certified instructor, SUP Yoga Instructor and WPA Level 2 SUP Instructor
Personal Mantra:
Make everyday the best day
Recent Tweets @jvaine1
February 23, 2019
A boat ride with good friends. To an island with the most visually stunning blue water surrounding it. Then we padd…
February 23, 2019
@jvaine1 Awesome. I found the same in Colombia many years ago. Hearts of pure gold.
February 22, 2019
The Puerto Rican culture is one that always leaves a massive smile on my face. The reasons are grocery list long.…
February 22, 2019
@jvaine1 Been there and done that - love to hear similar stories
February 22, 2019
Let the fun begin! Stoked to be back in Puerto Rico. Great friends. Delicious food. Insane downwinders. And of co…
February 22, 2019
When you haven’t seen great friends in a minute. You celebrate. And throw in an epic downwinder. We had a lot to ce…
February 21, 2019
@jvaine1 Great post - as @SuzieTrainsMaui says, "The mind wins first."
February 21, 2019
That feeling. Where we push through the uphill battle. Accomplish something we thought about quitting on. Complet…
February 20, 2019
That split second we look at something challenging. We have two choices. Believe in ourselves. Or doubt ourselves…
February 19, 2019
Grateful for this lady. All she has done. And continues to do for us all. Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you have an awes…
February 18, 2019
This place. Requires me to slow down. And stay present in the moment. It is my reminder when life becomes hectic.…
February 18, 2019
@jvaine1 beach camping with his Lawson during the @redbull Privateers. A #SUP race and treasure hunt through the Fl…
February 18, 2019
Our ideas and intentions may be repurposed on a larger scale. But we have to put them out there. Hearing so much…
February 17, 2019
Warm, salty air. The smell of camp fires. Laughter. Full on karaoke sessions. Live music. Dj. More karaoke. And an…
February 15, 2019
Those Friday feels. Taking a moment to shrug off the week. And get ready for a fun weekend. Whose coming to…
February 14, 2019
Nothing like starting the day off with a surf. Helps get the creativity flowing. And provides a bit of inspiration.…
February 14, 2019
Happy Birthday Mr. Incredible! Hope you have an awesome day today. #birthdayboy #happybirthday
February 14, 2019
Over the years I’ve found ways to maximize the time I have on the water. When it comes to stand up paddle surfing…
Get to know Jeramie
In a past life I was…
I'm pretty sure it was connected with the water some way shape or form. But before my life with Yoga, I was a stressed out mess.
What's your ideal vacation?
With good friends, on the water and soaking up all nature has to offer.
5 Things Jeramie can't live without
"1. Coffee
2. The water
3. Being outside
4. My family
5. My friends"
3 tips you tell your yoga students
"1. Tap into the inner child
2. Smile more
3. Embrace the fall"