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Connect. Inspire. Practice. The Manduka Ambassador Program
Mary Beth LaRue
Los Angeles, CA
Vinyasa + Meditation
Wanderlust Hollywood West Hollywood, CA
E-RYT 500 hours +
Personal Mantra:
Happiness equals reality minus expectations.
Recent Tweets @marybethlarue
May 24, 2017
RT @StickyBeSocks: Mary Beth LaRue Makes Shift Happen @marybethlarue
May 24, 2017
Mary Beth LaRue Makes Shift Happen @marybethlarue
May 23, 2017
almost a year ago jacki + i sat in a cafe in denver (with one month-old evergreen) + dreamt up…
May 23, 2017
i love this photo of our #wanderlust108 practice in seattle yesterday captured by @SaraMarkwith.…
May 22, 2017
Great experience today @wanderlustfest. Thankful for @jackicarr @marybethlarue guiding me…
May 21, 2017
and that's a wrap seattle! thank you for the unbelievable weather, delicious food, great vibes…
May 21, 2017
Wanderlust 108! About to get into my flow with @marybethlarue with…
May 20, 2017
chosen family. #rockyourbliss @ JuiceBox
May 20, 2017
what's good: early morning coffee with @jackicarr / leading @blisscrafting work to the raddest…
May 19, 2017
i just wanna explore new neighborhoods forever and ever. especially with you @jackicarr!…
May 19, 2017
i can't believe i've never been here. seattle, you are gorgeous and have got some major soul.…
May 18, 2017
RT @kurteichenwald: Trump whines today that no politician in history has ever been treated more unfairly than him. From heaven, Nelson Ma…
May 18, 2017
RT @WanderlustHLWD: Join us along with the @theshinemoveorg on June 3rd at 7pm! Music, film, meditation, philanthropy & more…
May 17, 2017
why i hit snooze. #familyovereverything @ Silver Lake, Los Angeles
Get to know Mary
In a past life I was…
a bluebird
What's your ideal vacation?
Bohemian-inspired beach vacation..
5 Things Mary can't live without
1. A Moleskine journal
2. My framily
3. My iPad loaded with all of my favorite books/music/writing
4. Sunshine,
5. tea
3 tips you tell your yoga students
1. Abandon perfection; savor the practice.
2. Above all else, breathe really deeply
3. Enjoy yourself