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Ryanne Cunningham
Green Bay, WI
Yoga for Athletes, Vinyasa Flow
Flow Yoga Studio De Pere, WI
E-RYT 200 hours, E-RYT 500hours, Power Yoga for Sports, Cardiac Yoga
Personal Mantra:
I am open and excepting to great health, happiness and positivity in my life, I am grateful where I am today and grateful for all good that is unfolding and yet to come into my life.
Recent Tweets @gbflowyoga
October 19, 2017
Thursday classes!! 5:30AM SlowFlow - Mandy 8:00AM TRX - CANCELLED today only 6:00PM Beginner/Yoga For Athletes- Ryanne
October 18, 2017
NEW CLASS 👉 5:30AM SunRise Flow 👈 Take some time for yourself. Get up a little bit earlier tomorrow morning and...
October 18, 2017
Wednesday night yoga!! • 6:00PM Yoga For Athletes- Ryanne • NEW 👉 7:00PM Intermediate Flow - Elisabeth
October 16, 2017
Tuesday classes: •TRX 👉 CANCELLED today only👈 •7:15PM Yoga For Athletes/ Restorative- Dave
October 16, 2017
Monday yoga: 8:30AM Beginner - Ryanne 7:00PM Slow Flow - Mandy
October 16, 2017
RT @gbflowyoga: 🙏
October 16, 2017
October 14, 2017
Sunday yoga!! 9:00AM Slow Flow Yin - Val 5:00PM Restorative- Elisabeth 6:15PM Meditation/Calm - Elisabeth
October 14, 2017
RT @TyMontgomery2: Namaste Haters
October 14, 2017
RT @RobDemovsky: @gbflowyoga I need this after the day I've had. Was supposed to be home hours & hours ago yet still on a plane -- and to A…
October 14, 2017
Saturday yoga!!!! 9:00AM Moderate / Intermediate Flow - Elisabeth
October 13, 2017
#Yoga and #Weights #podcast with @gbflowyoga and Reggie! Thanks for having me guys!
October 12, 2017
Friday Yoga: 8:30AM Moderate/Intermediate Flow - Ryanne 4:00PM Beginner (Happy Hour) - Elisabeth
October 12, 2017
Thursday class lineup: NEW👉 5:30AM Sunrise Flow - Mandy 8:00AM TRX - Elisabeth 6:00PM Beginner/Yoga For Athletes- Ryanne
October 10, 2017
Wednesday yoga: 8:30AM Moderate/Intermediate Flow - Ryanne 6:00PM Yoga For Athletes- Ryanne
October 10, 2017
@WesHod @RobDemovsky @gbflowyoga You guys crack me up. I love following u guys. I admire both of ur guy's work. 😊
October 9, 2017
@RobDemovsky @gbflowyoga Need a ride @RobDemovsky?
October 9, 2017
@jbreezy1512 @RobDemovsky @gbflowyoga We kid because we a little brother giving his older brother grief
October 9, 2017
@WesHod @RobDemovsky @gbflowyoga Dude. That's cold.
October 9, 2017
@gbflowyoga I need this after the day I've had. Was supposed to be home hours & hours ago yet still on a plane -- a…
October 9, 2017
Tuesday classes: •TRX 8:00AM - Elisabeth •7:15 PM Yoga For Athletes/Restorative - Dave
Get to know Ryanne
In a past life I was…
I lived in the Medieval Times
What's your ideal vacation?
Either on a beach or hiking.
5 Things Ryanne can't live without
1. Yoga/working out
2. Traveling
3. Friends/Family
4. Nature
5. Good food/wine
3 tips you tell your yoga students
1. Listen to your body
2. Drink lots of water
3. Try to let go