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Connect. Inspire. Practice. The Manduka Ambassador Program
Heaton Graham
Encinitas, CA
Athletic and Therapeutic Vinyasa, the yoga that cultivates calm and simplicity
Yoga Bergamot Encinitas, CA
RYT 200 hour, and additional training with various teachers including Doug Keller, Josh Vincent and Roger Cole
Personal Mantra:
Pierce the haze, reveal peace
Get to know Heaton
In a past life I was…
A Monk living in the woods
What's your ideal vacation?
Glamping Surf trip to the isolated parts of California's Central Coast
5 Things Heaton can't live without
1. The Ocean
2. Fresh Ai
3. A place to get away from it all
4. Clean Food
5. Stars
3 tips you tell your yoga students
1. Effort in yoga is like chocolate cake, a little bit tastes really good too much will make you sick.
2. There are only two rules in my class. It needs to feel good, if you can do that, make it look pretty. But no doing #2 before doing #1.
3. Yoga is a great tool to connect mind and body, but don't get stuck there. If you let it the practices can guide us to know the deeper part of ourselves, the place where the peace is.