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eKO® Lite Yoga Mat 4mm

eKO® Lite Yoga Mat 4mm

  • Overview

    The eKO Lite Mat provides a naturally grippy surface that catches if you start to slip. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, this non-Amazon harvested tree rubber mat firmly supports both your practice and our planet.
  • Features

    •  4.5 lbs; 68” x 24”; 4 mm thick
    • Developed by yoga teachers over 4 years.
    • Most durable natural rubber yoga mat on the market.
    • No PVC or harmful plasticizers.
    • Made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents and non-AZO dyes.
    • 99% latex free.
    • All post-industrial scrap is thoughtfully collected and utilized in the production of other materials creating a zero waste manufacturing process.

    For further details, please feel free to visit our FAQ page.

  • Use & Care

    To Clean: All eKO series mats can be cleaned by wiping down the mat with Manduka’s Mat Restore Spray (a vinegar based solution) or a 50/50 mixture of water and organic apple cider vinegar. It is recommended that you DO NOT put your eKO mat in the washing machine, as it will encourage the material to break down. DO NOT soak or submerge in water and DO NOT use any type of soap for cleaning, as it will compromise the performance and integrity of the mat.

    To Store: Do not leave the mat exposed to direct sunlight. If wet, allow the mat to dry before rolling up.

  • Sustainability

    The eKO Lite Mat is a natural yoga mat made from sustainably harvested tree rubber. Unlike other rubber mats available today, the foaming agents used to create the eKO Lite are non-toxic. What this means is that no toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process to soften the rubber. Additionally, instead of using synthetic polyester for reinforcement, we have chosen to use a blend of polyester and natural cotton. According to both customer feedback and published yoga mat reviews, the eKO Lite Mat is a high performance mat that is also good for the environment.

eKO® Lite Yoga Mat 4mm

The eKO Mat represents a bright future for the eco-friendly yoga mat - it leaves behind no footprint in landfills, but will definitely make a lasting impression in the studio. These natural rubber mats use a toxic-free softening process and are completely free of harmful foaming agents and plasticizers found in other mats.

Tri-Layer Technology offers an optimal combination of grip, durability, comfort, and performance:

Top Layer: Natural sealed-cell surface keeps out moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria.
Center Layer: Stretch-resistant scrim binds the unique layers together using a heating process which eliminates the need for toxic glues.
Bottom Layer: Thicker, bottom layer provides lightweight cushion and excellent loft for your practice!

Discoloration can be a by-product of natural rubber products. To keep your mat in the best condition, visit the use & care section.

Women's Sizing Chart

xs 32 25 35
s 34 27 37
m 36 29 39
l 38 31 41
xl 40 33 43

Men's Sizing Chart

s 35 - 37 29 - 31
m 38 - 40 32 - 34
l 41 - 43 35 - 37
xl 44 - 46 38 - 40



    manduka does it again

    this mat was purchased as a replacement for a manduka purple prolite mat. my prolite mat had traveled the world with me over the last 14+ years and it made its last trip this spring when it accompanied me to cuba. the group i was in cuba with left our mats there so a couple of yoga studios there would have mats. so i started to look for a new mat. i loved the environmental benefits of the a rubber mat, love the quality of manduka mats and the fact that the eko line comes in different thicknesses gave me some good choices. i love that the 4mm mat is light to carry but gives me a solid foundation for my practice. i have an eko superlite travel mat to travel with but that mat doesn't ground me enough for daily practice. this is such a great mat!

    Great Quality

    Lightweight and high quality. I love the fabric-like design on the yoga mat. It's perfectly grippy and there is no slippage whatsoever. I love the wide range of colors that it's available in. Difficult to just pick one.

    Only gripe is the rubber odor. If you leave it rolled out on the floor for a week or two it goes away.


    I love this mat more than words can express. I received it as a gift and I have not been able to turn away from this mat. It has lasted me 3 years now and it is just as wonderful as it was the day I opened it up and practiced on it for the first time. This mat is perfect if you travel around to different places to do your practice because it is so light weight. I would recommend this mat to anyone!

    Get this mat; you won't be sorry.

    After much research, and months of deliberation, I have found my dream mat. As a practitioner of Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga, I really needed an upgrade from my 10+ year old $12 sticky mat (Farewell, old friend) which started to slip, squeak, and bunch with more active flows... Combing through all the reviews on and the like, I can say this: While so many report a slippery mat, I simply do not notice any issue with the grip at all. I think those folks who find this mat "too slippery" are just a bit -- if not entirely -- one sandwich shy of a picnic (don't worry, I am still working on the whole "observing without judgement" thing). In fact, The grip, right out of the wrapper felt amazing and very grippy to me and I know I will become spoiled by this while in down dog, for sure! Some people also commonly complain about the smell. Well, I can tell you that it smells like, well... RUBBER. It is not offensively strong, in my opinion, but it probably is a good idea to leave it unrolled in a well-ventilated area until it off-gasses to suit your preference and/or sensitivity. I am sure wiping the mat with the recommended 50/50 solution of water and vinegar also aids in the smell and potentially "slippery" nature of this mat. But if you are deliberating about quality, don't. This mat will prove itself. And in case you are thinking of a $12 cheapo version elsewhere, may I present a very relevant quote I heard recently: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." Get this mat; you won't be sorry. Namaste.