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I love Manduka's Mats! I use both the black mats that I keep at home for my Husband and I and the purple travel Mats that I keep in the car to go travel to the studios with. I have let my students borrow my purple mat sometimes when i see them struggling, slipping and sliding with their own. They buy one immediately after that. Thank you Manduka!!

-Debora Cohen
Campbell, California

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Who’s on the Mat?

More than just yoga teachers, Manduka Ambassadors are our heart & soul, our eyes & ears and storytellers for our brand. It's a privilege to stand with them and to be inspired by their words and their practice.

As our Ambassador program continues to thrive, we are taking a moment to focus on how we can further elevate and enhance our current program. As we take the time to do this, we will maintain our current community of Ambassadors but we will pause on accepting new Ambassador applications until Fall 2014.

If you are an established teacher and wish to apply, please check back in Fall 2014. We are thrilled that you are interested and want to meet you! If you have any further questions, please email