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Manduka gives me the freedom to play, experiment and explore.

-Alana Hurov
Toronto, Canada

Giving Back

Manduka recognizes an organization or individual each month for sharing the gift of yoga with those in need by donating yoga gear to support their cause.

October 15th, 2014

Yoga Gangsters

Manduka has been humbled to work alongside many inspiring yogis who share their practice with the world. We were touched by Jodi Weiner's passion to support others and commitment to putting her practice into practice. Through Yoga Gangsters Jodi has been sharing yoga with those who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

Yoga Gangsters has been empowering youth with the positivity of self-respect, self-control and self-awareness thorough the practice of yoga. With over 900 trained volunteers in 13 states, Yoga Gangsters is sharing free yoga to youth in crisis and at risk in jails, homeless shelters, abuse shelters, drug rehabs, and underserved communities. Manduka was honored to be able to support Jodi and Yoga Gansters in a recent fundraising event.

Read about Jodi's experience on the Yoga Gangsters Blog.

Namaste, gangsters.

September 14th, 2014

Motherhood Beyond Bars

Manduka was honored to support Motherhood Beyond Bars, a prenatal yoga and meditation class for pregnant women serving time at the Helms Transitional Facility in Atlanta Georgia. Sara Rossi, yoga instructor and overall health educator gives her time to take yoga to places where you may not have otherwise found it. Sara and her students are an inspiring example showing that yoga is for everyone.

You can read about Sara's experience as she bridges the gap and takes yoga to unexpected places.

August 15th, 2014

Manduka Community Service Day

Manduka’s employees gathered together to practice yoga in more ways than one. In the spirit of seva (selfless service), we partnered with a local Cancer Support Community and three other nonprofits to make this Summer memorable. Mandukis taught restorative yoga to the Cancer Support Community members and their families, made seed bombs for the Manhattan Beach Environmental Program for a restoration program, cleaned a local beach and partnered with Girl Scouts of America to make blankets as a part of welcome kits for new Cancer Support Community members.

Taking a day devoted to people other than ourselves reminds us that practicing yoga is not only about the asana but service, love, community and so much more.

July 10th, 2014

Verge Inspire

Manduka was able to support Verge Yoga's non-profit orginization, Verge Inspire. Verge Inspire is an initiative of Verge Yoga created to introduce mindfulness-based yoga practices to school-aged children in underserved communities in urban Philadelphia. Verge Inspire was created to “kickstart” the Mindfulness Through Movement program. This initiative is an open invitation to all certified yoga and meditation instructors in the Philadelphia region to participate in its growth and success of the Mindfulness Through Movement program. if you are passionate about making a difference in our world and interested in joining the movement, click here.

June 15th, 2014

Kellar Primary School

Manduka was able to donate mats to kindergarten teacher Angie Swearingian who has set her focus on dissolving social stigmas in her community, while merging her passions for yoga and children. In her 12 years teaching, she has never found a better way to engage students than with the practice of yoga. They practice in the lunch line, at recess, at home, or wherever they have a chance. This next generation of yogis are continuing to are teaching their family and friends yoga poses and relaxation techniques. These small children are inspiring!