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I've had my Manduka mat ever since I started practicing yoga as work-study in LA. Now I have her with me in Bali. She's evolved with me from beginner practitioner to become a teacher and practitioner. Wherever I go, my Manduka comes with me! Or is it the other way around?

-Chloë Park
Bali, Indonesia

Giving Back

June 17th, 2013

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica

In January of 2013, Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica started their first ever yoga program at 3 of their Santa Monica sites. The youth there have been learning basic yoga asanas, pranayama, and each class has been focused around a centering thought, such as gratitude.

Throughout the course, teachers are conducting tests to determine stress levels and self-esteem. So far the kids are loving the weekly yoga classes - the peace and balance they are feeling is evident in the photos below. Manduka was happy to supply yoga mats for classes.

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica
Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica
Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica
Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica

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