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My Manduka helps me practice through proving stability and traction in my connection to the earth.. I can flow and lift as my Manduka provides support at my foundation.

-Jane Vasey
Melbourne, Australia

Giving Back

May 14th, 2013

P.S. 119

P.S. 119 in Brooklyn decided that incorporating an after-school yoga program would have a wonderful impact on their students. Having enough mats for each student to have their own sacred space was very important to them. With state testing coming up for the kids, the Principal and a devoted teacher named Laurie Basloe wanted to get this program started to make sure the students had a stress-free environment to practice focusing and breathing - skills that will surely translate well during the tests!

Manduka was happy to donate mats to support the after-school yoga program!

P.S. 119
P.S. 119
P.S. 119

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