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March 15th, 2012

Cal State Dominguez Hills

This February, Manduka donated yoga mats and props to the Division of Kinesiology and Recreation at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Yoga is a required course for all Cal State Dominguez Hills Kinesiology Majors and yoga is offered to non-majors as well as Intercollegiate Student-Athletes that enroll to increase flexibility and mental relaxation.

The yoga class offered has become one of their most popular Activity Classes and is in high demand every semester. Class sizes average 40 - 45 students/semester. Despite recent budget cuts in the department, they would like to add an additional section in the Fall. The yoga classes are conducted on hardwood floors and the old mats needed to be replaced, so Manduka was happy to donate some long-lasting yoga mats!

Cal State Dominguez Hills
Cal State Dominguez Hills
Cal State Dominguez Hills

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