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On Manduka, I am not afraid to dig deep, wake up and play with all my edges.

-Leslie Pearlman
Hampton Bays, NY

Giving Back

August 1st, 2009

Cathedral Home in Laramie, Wyoming

Chris Hume volunteers teaching an introductory yoga class to the boys and girls at Cathedral Home in Laramie Wyoming. Cathedral Home is a home for troubled children (ages 8- 20). Many of these kids, some of whom have ADHD, come from broken homes and contend with numerous problems including substance abuse. Chris gives them a one hour yoga class in the evening once a week and they have responded wonderfully. The sequence is a mixture of vinyasa and restorative yoga. The staff is amazed at how the kids embrace yoga, from the challenging poses, to the calming effects of pranayama breathing and savasana. It provides a well needed structure for their healing process. Chris also teaches yoga to the staff once a week, as they require stress relief.

Cathedral Home in Laramie, Wyoming

2 Response(s) to Cathedral Home in Laramie, Wyoming

On July 27th, 2014 at 7:16 pm, that guy said:

I remember going here. I remember the abusive staff
I remember the staff breaking a kids arm on the bike trip then making him eat raw chicken claim that the staff are required by law to give us food but not required to cook it or let us cook it. that was their computer teacher.

I remember my friend Robert drowning in crow reservoir while the staff laughed about it mainly Mike and Quentin. it took 4 hours to find the body.

Don't be fooled this place is evil and abusive.

they are two faced demons and should never be trusted with kids.

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