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During my practice, whether alignment, vinyasa, restorative or even hot yoga, Manduka products have always just become an extension of myself allowing me to focus on my practice and moving inward.

-Amy Lynch
Harlingen, TX

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Stuart Watkins

Stuart Watkins


Why Manduka?: Coming back to my MANDUKA mat every day is like coming back to my little island oasis. I come back to it and instantly recharge.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice yoga every day wherever I like.

Yoga Style: Yoga

Practice with me here: Stuart Watkins

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Stuart was born in the beautiful city of Perth, Australia. Stuart's career in the wellness industry started when he was 19 years old. From then, Stuart has earned 9 different certifications from all over the world. His certifications make him a holistic life coach, stress management specialist, massage therapist, nutrition counselor, holistic fitness practitioner and of course a yoga teacher. Stuart draws on this wide range of knowledge to help his clients create the best possible life they can.

Stuart's zest for life has been a big part of his success as a yoga teacher, as his genuine love for life is truly infectious and fuels on his clients' personal growth. He believes in order for us to bring more good into our lives we must think and live in such a way that allows this to happen.
"We all have an abundance of wisdom, happiness and love within us. It can be as simple as getting out of our own way and letting our true nature shine out to the world."