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My Manduka has over 2000 hours of practice on it. It is the magic carpet that has been my foundation for the last 6 years. I tell people, they can keep buying $20 mats, or they can buy one Manduka. It is the only mat we sell at my studio.

-Toni Farris
Plano, TX

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Brian Bales

Brian Bales

Bellevue, WA

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Why Manduka?: If you've tried the rest, now try the best! No other compares.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice...... by supporting every pose I can think of, on any kind of surface

Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Practice with me here: B1yoga

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I have been teaching Yoga over 10 years & doing massage therapy over 20 years. I teach a mix of Jivamukti, Anusara, Ashtanga, Erich Schiffman, Douglas Brooks, Doug Keller, Ana Forest, Acro, Rod Stryker & more.
I consider myself a Guru of Alignment & provide personal attention, at a high level of practice. I am deeply grateful for my teachers, parents, & students. I am a green thumb at heart & lover of the environment. Ahimsa for me starts with being a Vegan over 20 years.

I have loved my Manduka mats for 9+ years now! It helps protect my
bones in any posture! I have sold them & promoted them in my Yoga studio since the day I got my first one! I currently own 3 Mandukas, a standard, a long one & a 3 piece custom mat. I cut up regular mat into 3 smaller rectangles (I used the excess for shelf lining under my
tools) I just lay them down, front, middle & back & can do most
poses like that! works great & rolls up w/ a small strap, great for traveling lighter w/o sacrificing comfort!