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My Manduka helps me practice being myself.

-Melanie Simmons
Louisville, KY

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Andrew Rosenstock

Andrew Rosenstock

Paro, Bhutan

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Why Manduka?: After tearing through numerous other yoga mats a year I decided that if I was going to take my practice more seriously, that I had to take my mat more seriously. I upgraded to a Black Mat PRO and have never looked back. My mat is a safe haven for me from all that's out "there". I can always come to practice on it and feel like I am being nurtured and protected. It's more than a yoga mat to me, it's a home full of loving energy.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice Santosha! No matter my mood, the weather, or any other thing that may be going wrong with the day, coming to my mat for yoga, meditation or just sitting on it never ceases to stop filling me with love happiness and a contentment for this world. It's my safe space where nothing can harm me.

Yoga Style: Anusara® yoga, Vinyasa Flow

Practice with me here: Aman Resort

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I began my yoga practice nearly 10 years ago in NYC. After exploring many various styles and teachers of yoga I decided to complete my first certification with Laughing Lotus. The teacher training taught me more about myself than I expected and soon I found myself quitting my 50hour a week job to travel around the world sharing my practice in developing countries. With a background in Thai Yoga Massage, healing, opening and growing are priorities in what I teach. I love knowing that just by sharing a little bit of my knowledge and myself in the practice (and in life) I can positively affect peoples’ days. Making a better world is what life and yoga is all about!