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My Manduka knows me better than anyone. It has seen tears, sweat, and sometimes even blood, not to mention been witness to moments of extreme joy, bliss and peace. It doesn't judge me and loves me unconditionally. My Manduka is where I go to reclaim myself.

-Jennifer Galardi
New York, New York

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Julia Jones

Julia Jones

Nampa, ID

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Why Manduka?: I bought my black Manduka as a graduation gift to myself after completing the 500 teacher training. I teach and practice on it daily.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My life has been transformed on my mat. It has provided me a sacred space to practice and grow!

Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow

Practice with me here: Meditation in Motion , i am yoga

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I am originally from Ventura, Ca but now living in Idaho. I began practicing as a way to de-stress and soon fell in love with yoga and its ability to free my sprit, calm my mind and empower my body.

I study and enjoy a variety of yoga styles (if its yoga, it’s all good) my main foundation and teaching style is Vinyasa flow. I graduated in 2011 from the Shanti School of Yoga in McCall Idaho with a 500 RYT. I have been blessed to study under a variety of amazing teachers such as Debbie Murphy, Hala Khouri, Sara Ivanhoe, Seane Corn and many more.

I suffered from depression and anxiety for years before finding yoga. My love of yoga and its transformational effects has led me to open- I am Yoga, a yoga studio in Boise, Idaho and lead international yoga retreats- Meditation in Motion, where I have the opportunity to share the gift of yoga with others. My passion is finding joy, peace and gratitude through the practice of yoga.