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I find myself congratulating practitioners on their new Manduka mats like they've just birthed a baby. I just want to hold it and look at it for awhile. Meanwhile, my grandpa Manduka Pro doesn't get the looks he used to, but he is ever faithful and ready to roll out to any occasion.

-Cypresse Emery
Albuquerque, NM

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Bethany Vaughn

Bethany Vaughn

Atlanta, GA

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Why Manduka?: I had my son on a Manduka mat.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice patience!

Yoga Style: Hot Yoga, Power Yoga

Practice with me here: Red Hot Yoga

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I started practicing yoga in 1995 in New York City at the gym. Once a week they offered a yoga class and I had heard that yoga helped reduce stress. I was working long hours in the restaurant business and burning the candle at both ends. I had a lot to deal with emotionally, had been on my own for quite some time and really was tired at a very young age. I was 25 at the time. So each week I would go get some of this beautiful yoga. My teacher was kind, open minded and told me about some of the studios in NYC. I went to a few different places and just could not get enough.
In 2000 I moved to Atlanta and tried hot yoga for the first time. The intensity was amazing, the release, the focus, the deep breathing. I decided I wanted to teach. Yoga makes so much sense to me. It is the definition to the way I live my life and the inner pulse that fuels my soul.
I have studied Iyengar yoga and Forrest yoga for many years. These two styles are where I draw much of my inspiration.
In August of 2009 I had a son, Lachlan, and in August 2010 my husband Wes and I opened our own studio called Red Hot Yoga. I am open to wherever this yoga journey takes me and I share what I have learned with everyone I teach!