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My Manduka has over 2000 hours of practice on it. It is the magic carpet that has been my foundation for the last 6 years. I tell people, they can keep buying $20 mats, or they can buy one Manduka. It is the only mat we sell at my studio.

-Toni Farris
Plano, TX

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Mara Abbott

Mara Abbott

Boulder, CO

Why Manduka?: All it took was borrowing one Manduka, one time... and I knew by that night that I had to get my own.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me to practice integrating grace, strength and beauty into my practice and into my life!

Yoga Style: Hatha

Practice with me here: OMtime

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As a professional cyclist, Mara began to practice yoga to support her training as and soon realized that yoga was going to become the key to her greatest joy and success, both on and off the bike. Yoga balances her physical body to keep her holistically healthy and strong, while techniques of pranayama and focus have enabled her to succeed in high-pressure race situations. She was the 2007 Elite Women’s National Road Champion in 2007, finished second at the Giro Donne in 2009. She may have owed her success specifically in the Giro to the daily practice she maintained before each stage, but in a larger sense she would not be able to healthfully live the life of an elite athlete without the support of a yoga practice and the yoga community.