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Strong enough to hold my space, supportive and trustworthy. You never complains and do your job with excellence. You allow me to express myself fully. When my life gets crazy, you create the space for me to find peace within. When I am in a stressful situation, you create the space for me to release the tension. When I need to rejuvenate, you create the comfortable supportive space for me to fully rest and relax. Thank you Manduka, you are my best friend and best partner ever!

-Kiyomi Takahashi
Venice, CA

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Lyn Kehoe

Lyn Kehoe

Ridgefield, CT

Why Manduka?: My Manduka mat is the one thing I can always count on. It has been the foundation for my practice for almost 10 years and always will be.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice: Awareness.

Yoga Style: Power Yoga

Practice with me here: Buddhi Mat Power Yoga Studio

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Lyn began studying Ashtanga yoga almost 15 years ago and eventually found her way to Power yoga. She felt an immediate connection to the process of combining a physically challenging practice, with focus and calm. Lyn has been teaching Power yoga for almost 12 years. She is the first in her area to teach this style.

One of her teachers once told her "to take what makes sense and make it your own". She held on to that thought and created Buddhi Power Yoga. A physically intense form of "user friendly" yoga, guided by intuition and breath.

Lyn's Power yoga classes are very strength and power oriented while at the same time emphasizing lightness and presence. Her ability to guide students of all levels to their edge while being in tune to their individual needs is what keeps them coming back. She encourages her students to focus on the process, not the outcome, while weaving in philosophy and mental practices that speaks directly to them.

Lyn is the Yoga Director at Buddhi Mat Power Yoga Studio in Ridgefield, CT. She holds an E-RYT 500 Level registration with Yoga Alliance.