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My Manduka knows me better than anyone. It has seen tears, sweat, and sometimes even blood, not to mention been witness to moments of extreme joy, bliss and peace. It doesn't judge me and loves me unconditionally. My Manduka is where I go to reclaim myself.

-Jennifer Galardi
New York, New York

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Nanci Haines

Nanci Haines

Healdsburg, CA

Why Manduka?: My favorite Manduka product is my Manduka Black mat PRO. I've had it for years, and year after year it continues to stay with me without wearing out. I used to go through a mat every two months, and what a waste!! I have recommended the Manduka Black Mat PRO to many students of mine.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?:

Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Practice with me here: Yoga on Center

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Nanci Haines has been teaching yoga for twelve years. Her main influences have come from teachers such as Erich Schiffman, Shiva Rae, Simone Simone, Anna Forrest, and Baron Baptiste. Nanci's experience comes from a strong background in a variety of dance styles beginning at an early age. She has started and run both a dance company and yoga studio (Sunflower Yoga and Dance in Healdsburg, California and SolMetrx, in Rohnert Park, California).

Nanci teaches a Vinyasa (flow) class rooted in Iyengar and Vinyasa traditions. The pace is steady and allows room for beginners to learn their way while challenging intermediate level students as well. She incorporates pranayama (breath work) as well as meditation in each class.