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I never leave home without my Manduka! My mat has traveled the world - Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bali... and more states then I can count. Practicing on my Manduka feels like coming home... even when I'm thousands of miles away.

-Bethany Orheim
Del Mar, CA

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Jessie Sincavage

Jessie Sincavage

Arlington, VA

Why Manduka?: I have tried several different Yoga mats and non compare to my Manduka. My neck no longer hurts during my headstand, and I no longer wince in pain during my spinal rolls. My Manduka gives me the confidence to not only try more advance poses but have faith in myself to push my edge a little further.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?:

Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Iyengar

Practice with me here: Journey Yoga Arlington

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Jessie’s yoga practice started alongside her college roommates, and later propelled her from NYC to DC where she has made yoga her life on and off the mat. It’s here in DC that Jessie turned the zest for life she found through her own practice into the power to spread the joy - by completing teaching certification through NYC/LA based Yoga Works. Now she thrives on nurturing her students through a compassionate yet challenging practice which uses breath and poses, along with careful alignment, to re-connect body and mind. Jessie’s students leave her class refreshed, renewed, happier and healthier. They are ready to take on the world with a whole new perspective.