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Strong enough to hold my space, supportive and trustworthy. You never complains and do your job with excellence. You allow me to express myself fully. When my life gets crazy, you create the space for me to find peace within. When I am in a stressful situation, you create the space for me to release the tension. When I need to rejuvenate, you create the comfortable supportive space for me to fully rest and relax. Thank you Manduka, you are my best friend and best partner ever!

-Kiyomi Takahashi
Venice, CA

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Jason Handler

Jason Handler

Santa Barbara, CA

Why Manduka?: Manduka is simply the best mat. I still use the first one I ever bought many years ago.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice outdoors."

Yoga Style: Hatha

Practice with me here: Summerland Healing Arts

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Jason Handler graduated as valedictorian of Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, an elite Chinese Medical School in Southern California. Jason's teachings draw from his many years of studying Hatha Yoga, Medical Qi Gong and various forms of Internal Martial Arts. Learning all of these systems has lent a deep appreciation for honoring the true definition of the word Yoga, where all teachings become unified within the heart.

Jason has lectured at The University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, CSUN, and many other local studios. He has taught Medical Qi Gong at the esteemed Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, started a community acupuncture clinic at Yoga Soup and currently holds a private practice in Summerland, CA.